Behavioural Addiction in Women gives insight into ongoing research efforts and clinical developments across the globe, focusing specifically on women with behavioural addictions.

The book brings together an international network of clinicians and researchers to offer a unique transcultural female perspective on female-specific aspects of addiction, which is underrepresented in the available literature. By compiling both research and clinical spotlights focusing on women with behavioural addictions across the six continents, the book is an important first step towards building a shared knowledge base on the subject, starting from the importance of female-specific diagnostic criteria, to new therapeutic strategies, prevention programs, and harm reduction approaches. This book will help us gain a better understanding of ongoing work and where to allocate our attention and efforts for helping a vulnerable, and - in many areas of the world - still underserved, and economically disadvantaged, population.

The book will be of great interest to researchers and clinicians in the field of addiction.

Part 1. AFRICA 1. South African Women Risk-takers Part 2. NORTH AMERICA 2. Women’s Wellbeing: Illuminating the Harmful Impact of a Partner’s Compulsive Sexual Behaviors 3. Clinical Perspectives of Love Addiction & Compulsive Sexual Behaviour 4. Clinical Considerations of Behavioural Addiction in Pregnancy Part 3. SOUTH AMERICA 5. COVID-19 and What was not Grieved in the Woman Addicted to Gambling 6. Intimate Partner Violence and Drug Use in Latin America Part 4. ASIA 7. Family and Social Relationships During Recovery 8. Women, Love, and Sexuality in Saudi Arabia 9. Women’s Pornography Use in China 10. Understanding Repetitive Non-Suicidal Self-Injury and Recovery among Chinese Women 11. Higher Burden of Withdrawal Symptoms, Depressive Mood, Loneliness, Anxiety and Agitation Among Women with Internet Gaming Disorder in South Korea 12. Problematic Internet Usage among Women in Malaysia 13. Food Addiction in the Adult Indonesian Female Population Part 5. EUROPE 14. Shielded from View? Gender-bias in Gambling Research, Prevention and Treatment 15. Gender-specific Personalized Care Delivery for Problematic use of Internet in Switzerland 16. Gambling Disorders among Women with Suicidality 17. Online Gambling in France 18. Buying-Shopping Disorder in German Women 19. Female Gamers 20. Food Addiction 21. Psychological, Family and Behavioral Factors Associated with Emotional Dependence 22. New Therapeutic Tools Dedicated to Women with Gambling Disorder in Italy 23. Innovative Italian Gender Approaches to Diagnosis, Treatment, and Counseling 24. Gambling Therapy International and Multilingual Helpline 25. Gambling in the Life of Older Women 26. Compulsive Sexual Behavior and its Correlates in a Sample of Polish Treatment-Seeking Women 27. The Gendering of Gambling in Sweden 28. Problem use of the Internet and Social Media among Young Women in the Russian Federation 29. The Impact of Internet and Gaming Addiction on Women and Gender Minorities in Sweden and Europe Part 6. OCEANIA 30. All that Glitters is not Gold 31. Women’s Participation in ‘Card Circles’ in Remote Australian Aboriginal Communities