Digital Marketing Fundamentals is the first fully-fledged textbook on digital marketing that covers the entire marketing process. Both the scientific theory behind digital marketing as well as techniques and media are discussed. Digital Marketing Fundamentals is easy to read and contains many International examples and cases. The Dutch version of this book (Basisboek Online Marketing) has become a standard issue in The Netherlands.

In this book, all relevant aspects of digital marketing are addressed: strategic aspects, market research, product development and realisation, branding, customer acquisition, customer loyalty and order processing. The book also discusses effective websites and apps, digital analytics and planning and organisation. The application of social media and mobile communication is seamlessly integrated into the topics.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals is very suitable for commercial and management courses in Higher Education and also for professionals active in digital marketing.

chapter 1|17 pages

Digital Marketing

ByMarjolein Visser

chapter 2|37 pages

Strategy and Business Models

ByMarjolein Visser

chapter 3|62 pages

Market Sensing

ByMarjolein Visser, Lucas Hulsebos, Frank van Delft

chapter 4|39 pages

Product Realisation

ByMarjolein Visser, Wout van den Dool

chapter 5|52 pages

Customer acquisition: digital brand communications

ByMarjolein Visser, Martin Kloos

chapter 6|54 pages

Customer acquisition: recruiting visitors through owned or earned channels

ByMarjolein Visser, Martijn Hoving, Co van Kempen, Matthijs Jansen, Martin Kloos, Robin van Ommen, Remy Bergsma

chapter 7|69 pages

Customer acquisition: recruiting visitors through paid channels

ByMarjolein Visser, Martijn Hoving, Dennis Koops, Bart van der Kooi, Ruben van Brug

chapter 8|42 pages

Customer acquisition: sales and pricing

ByMarjolein Visser, Stephan Schroeders

chapter 9|37 pages

Order processing

ByMarjolein Visser, Patricia Ouwendijk, Stephan Schroeders, Ernst-Jan Kruize

chapter 10|45 pages

Customer relationship management

ByMarjolein Visser, Marcel Fokkema

chapter 11|52 pages

Designing effective websites and apps

ByMarjolein Visser, Wim van der Mark, Martijn Hoving, Stephan Kleian

chapter 12|40 pages

Digital analytics

ByTom van den Berg, Marjolein Visser

chapter 13|58 pages

Planning and organisation

ByShirley Klever, Marjolein Visser, Arnoud Engelfriet