Critically examining narratives of participation in governance and development, this volume adds Caribbean voices and experiences to the global discourse on youth participation. The essays provide empirical case studies of institutions, practices and processes of youth engagement in the politics of Caribbean development, orienting the reader to the political culture of the Caribbean and the position of youth within small societies.

Covering experiences at intergovernmental, national and local levels, as well as formal and informal modes of participation, it examines how young people have organised themselves or have been organised to engage with the state and with community agents in politics, public policy and activism. It illustrates the heterogeneity of youth political participation, employing multi- disciplinary, multi- level and mixed- method analyses from the fields of demography, political science, social policy, development studies and youth development. Critical themes addressed include regional governance, democratic representation, online engagement, local governance and community development. In exploring these themes, the book discusses the legitimacy and inclusiveness of governance in relation to age, gender, race, geography and socio-economic status.

The findings will be useful to students, researchers and policymakers alike who are keen to improve governance and contribute to inclusive sustainable development in the Caribbean.

part I|60 pages

Contextualising Youth Participation in the Caribbean

chapter Chapter 3|30 pages

Understanding the Demographic Imperative

Implications of Historical and Projected Population Dynamics for Youth Policy

part II|106 pages

(Trans)National Participation and Representation

chapter Chapter 5|15 pages

Reflections on National Youth Organization and Representation

Lessons from Saint Lucia

chapter Chapter 6|19 pages

Like Walking a Tight Rope

Leadership, Youth Empowerment and Organisational Culture in Political Youth Wings in Trinidad and Tobago

chapter Chapter 8|23 pages

Youth Mobilising Youth to Vote

An Examination of a Youth-Led Voter Education Initiative in Guyana

part III|46 pages

Participation in Local Governance

chapter Chapter 9|23 pages

The Political Nature of Informal Youth Participation

Paint Jamaica in Downtown Kingston

chapter Chapter 10|21 pages

Transparency and Accountability

Capacity-Building for Young Social Auditors in Belize