The Gifts We Receive from Animals is a book guaranteed to brighten a reader’s day. Professionals engaged in therapy work as well as those who have companion animals at home will enjoy learning about the many ways in which animals impact people’s lives. Through a series of short, true-life stories, written by professionals engaged in animal assisted interventions, The Gifts We Receive from Animals reminds readers of the core essence of the human animal bond and the reason behind the growing phenomenon of animal assisted interventions. Readers will learn, for example, about the young child who shares her inner most thoughts with a dog and, as a result, learns how to talk with people; the soldier who feels comfortable and safe with a dog, a feeling he has been lacking since active duty; and the elderly adult who works through difficult physical therapy because of his therapy dog. The Gifts We Receive from Animals takes readers on a delightful journey, offering insights into the unique impact animals have in the lives of those they help.

part Part 1|25 pages

Large Animals

chapter 1|3 pages


ByHilary Adams

chapter 2|3 pages

A Children's Riding Lesson

How Therapeutic Riding Helped a Boy to Find His Voice
ByAnne M. C. Barnfield

chapter 3|3 pages

The Sundance Center

ByErica Jex Gergely

chapter 4|3 pages

My Mare, My Meditation Teacher

ByEmily Knitter

chapter 5|2 pages

Savannah and the Cowgirl Ms. B

ByArieahn Matamonasa Bennett

chapter 6|3 pages

The Farm Was My Sun

ByCarol Rathmann, Sabrina Schmidt

chapter 7|3 pages

When the Cute Factor Becomes Something More

How a Mini Donkey Taught Me the Power of the Human-Animal Bond
ByChristina Carr

chapter 8|3 pages

Meet Roger, the Blind Sheep Helping Children Heal

ByBrenda Rynders

part Part 2|25 pages

Small Animals

chapter 9|3 pages

Guinea Pigs Are Great!

ByPatti Anderson

chapter 10|3 pages

The Bunnies Are In

ByJennifer A. Coleman

chapter 11|3 pages

Wait – My Therapy Animal Is a … Rat?

ByAngela K. Fournier

chapter 12|2 pages

A Crystallized Connection

ByJulie Ann Nettifee

chapter 13|3 pages

Sullivan Anne

From Abandoned Rabbit to Beloved Campus Pet Therapy Animal
ByClarissa M. Palmer

chapter 14|3 pages

Can I Take Chophie Home?

The Simple Joys of Having Animal Co-Therapists
ByGeorgitta Valiyamattam

chapter 15|3 pages

The Rabbit Who Knew No Rules

ByPatti Anderson

chapter 16|3 pages

Who Are You?

ByNiki Vettel

part Part 3|26 pages


chapter 17|2 pages

Boston in Coal City

ByJulie Bereckis

chapter 18|3 pages

HOPE AACR Responds to Devastating Mudslide

ByBette Caldwell

chapter 20|3 pages

Magical Moments with Maggie

ByYvonne Eaton-Stull

chapter 21|3 pages

Can Dogs Sense Stress?

BySusan Herman

chapter 22|3 pages

Challenging the Assumption of Who Needs Help

ByBatya G. Jaffe

chapter 23|3 pages

The Washington Navy Yard

ByNed W. Polan

chapter 25|2 pages

Sometimes Silver Linings Have Tails

Sandy Hook
ByHeather White

part Part 4|28 pages

Unique Settings

chapter 27|3 pages

Charley the Bulldog and Her Visits with Incarcerated Youth

ByTaylor Chastain Griffin

chapter 28|3 pages

Jude and Letty

BySarah Deering

chapter 30|3 pages

Animal Therapy in a Hospice Setting

ByCaryn Friedlander

chapter 31|3 pages

In Sickness and in Health

What Dogs Teach Us about Life and Death
ByRachel Hogg

chapter 32|3 pages

“Steven” and Shannon

ByAmy R. Johnson, Melissa Potts Kutchek

chapter 33|3 pages

Comfort during Crisis

ByAngela Moe

chapter 34|3 pages

Regaining Memories with the Help of Jaime

ByAnna K.E. Schneider

part Part 5|32 pages

Children, Young Adults and College Students

chapter 35|2 pages

The Gift of Comfort

BySue Burlatschenko

chapter 36|3 pages

Beignet and the Class of 2021

ByKate Drescher

chapter 37|3 pages

Teletherapy Dogs

ByAdam Duberstein

chapter 38|3 pages

The Power of Prince William

ByPatricia Flaherty-Fischette

chapter 39|3 pages

Mickey Mouse and Lyn

ByTara Harvey-Gros

chapter 40|3 pages

Compassion through Canines

A Boy and a Dog
ByLaura Hey, Mary Jo Powers

chapter 41|3 pages

I Can Listen Like Indy

ByTerri Hlava

chapter 42|3 pages

Aksel to the Rescue

ByElizabeth A. Letson

chapter 43|3 pages

A Gentle Giant and an Anxious Teen

ByJane Jenkins

chapter 44|2 pages

Therapy Dogs Help Adoption Succeed

ByGary P. Cournoyer

chapter 45|2 pages

Leo Awakens to the World

ByShira Smilovici

part Part 6|29 pages


chapter 46|3 pages

Jaeger's Gifts

ByShannan Anderson

chapter 47|3 pages

The Whirlwind That Changed My Life…

ByÚrsula Aragunde-Kohl

chapter 48|3 pages

My Therapy Dogs Saved My Life

ByMegan C.W. Bridges

chapter 49|3 pages

Miss Emmie

A Big “Braveheart” in a Tiny Package
ByDonna Clarke

chapter 50|3 pages

Being and Becoming

The Transformative Power and Resilience of Person-Canine Bonds
ByCassandra Hanrahan

chapter 51|3 pages

Pinella's Purpose

ByTiana Kelly

chapter 52|3 pages

A Golden Tail of Inter-Generational Bonds

ByPatrick J. Kirnan, Jean P. Kirnan

chapter 53|3 pages

You Are Here

ByElizabeth Lynch

chapter 54|3 pages

Humanimal Connection in the Counseling Room

Where Lester the Dachshund Partner Weaves an Interspecies Bond
ByEmmanuelle Fournier Chouinard, Marie Tounissoux