What makes curating feminist organizing? How do curators relate to contemporary feminist concerns in their local conditions and the globalized artworld? The book brings together twenty curatorial case studies from diverse regions of the globe.

Reflecting their own curatorial projects or analyzing feminist-inspired exhibitions, the authors in this book elaborate feminist curating as that which is inspired to challenge gender politics not only within but also beyond the doors of the museum and gallery. Connecting their wider feminist politics to their curatorial practices, the book provides case studies of curatorial practice that address the legacies of racialized and ethnic violence, including colonialism; which seek to challenges the state's regulation of citizenship and sexuality; and which realize the drive for economic justice in the organizations and roles in which curators work. The settings in which this work is done range from university art galleries to artist-run spaces and educational or activist programmes.

This collection will be enjoyed by those studying and researching curating, exhibitions, socially and ecologically engaged contemporary art practices, and feminist transnational movements in diverse geographic contexts. The essays are of relevance to practicing curators, critical cultural practitioners, and artists.

chapter |18 pages


On the Feminist Work of Organizing

part I|88 pages

Colonial Wounds and Transformative Healing

chapter 20Chapter 1|11 pages

The Museum and the Anthropocene

Ecological Grief, Planetary Mourning, Healing Feminist Curating

chapter Chapter 3|14 pages

Feminist Curating as Storytelling and Mothering

The Work of D and Kate Harding

chapter Chapter 4|13 pages

Curating Feminine Alterity

Deconstructing Feminist Strategies by Contemporary Iranian Women Artists

chapter Chapter 5|13 pages

Geographies of Community Care

Cultural Spaces Curated by Black Womxn in Copenhagen and Vienna

chapter Chapter 6|10 pages

In the Spirit of Futura

Daily Practices and Challenges of Producing and Maintaining a Feminist Art Space

part II|114 pages

State Hegemony and Resistant Communities

chapter Chapter 9|17 pages

Stretching the Institution, Cultivating Interdependency

Feminist Curating as Political Organising in the Post-Crisis Spanish State

chapter Chapter 11|13 pages

Summoning the Witches of the Past

Curatorial Research on Witchcraft in Art and Activism

chapter Chapter 12|9 pages

Encounters with Asian Diasporic Identities

The Exhibition Neither Black/Red/Yellow Nor Woman at the Times Art Center Berlin

chapter Chapter 13|10 pages

The Vulva Case

Feminist Art, Digital Obscenity, and Censorship in Japan

chapter Chapter 14|11 pages

On the Production and Challenging of Sexual Norms through the Art Institution

A Viennese Case Study

chapter Chapter 15|14 pages

Searching for Ann(e) 1

Digital Fan Curation and the Expansion of the Queer Heritage Landscape

part III|64 pages

Labour Injustice and the Politics of Solidarity

chapter 222Chapter 17|15 pages

Curating as a Collective Process

Feminist, Curatorial, and Educational Perspectives

chapter Chapter 18|15 pages

Your Hands in My Shoes

Reorganising La Galerie, Centre for Contemporary Art in Noisy-le-Sec

chapter Chapter 19|12 pages

Objects of Desire

Curating Sex Worker Art in the 21st Century