Environmental finance and green banking are central drivers of the transition to a sustainable economy and essential components in solutions to climate change. This book presents the latest research on theory and practices in these interdisciplinary fields, incorporating both public and corporate finance. It introduces three parts – environmental investing and financing, green banking and environmental policies in the public sector. The book explores the current trends, dynamics and ways forward for environmental finance and green banking, including fundamental theories (e.g., environmental Kuznets curve) and comparisons between traditional and green bond efficiency, corporate governance practices and disclosure, green central banking, climate finance, sustainable strategies, green Islamic banking, and public climate fund management in multi-country contexts. The contributors to this book highlight significant challenges ahead while recognizing potential opportunities, such as the revolution in green investments and trading in green bonds. This book is a welcome addition to the literature on environmental economics and finance and the economics of sustainability and climate change.

chapter 1|12 pages

The rise of environmental investing

Innovative financing for a sustainable future

chapter 3|18 pages

Corporate climate change–related governance and disclosures

Evidence from an emerging economy

chapter 5|24 pages

Green finance for sustainable banking

The Australian perspective

chapter 6|27 pages

Green banking and emission–performance nexus

A comparative study between Islamic and conventional banks in GCC countries

chapter 8|19 pages

Climate change adaptation

Exploring the practices in Bangladesh from a political economy perspective

chapter 9|40 pages

Environmental Policies in Russia

Problems of State Funding and Implementation