This Reader brings together a wide range of material to present an international perspective on topical issues in philosophy of education today. Focusing on the enduring trends in this field, this lively and informative Reader provides broad coverage of the field and includes crucial topics.
With an emphasis on contemporary pieces that deal with issues relevant to the immediate real world, this book represents the research and views of some of the most respected authors in the field today. Wilfred Carr also provides a specially written introduction which provides a much-needed context to the role of philosophy in the current educational climate.
Students of philosophy and philosophy of education will find this Reader an important route map to further reading and understanding.

chapter |14 pages

Introduction What is the Philosophy of Education?

ByWilfred Carr

part Part I|47 pages

Philosophy and Education

chapter Chapter 1|17 pages

Philosophy and Educational Policy

Possibilities, tensions and tasks
ByTerence H. McLaughlin

chapter Chapter 2|16 pages

Philosophy and Education

ByWilfred Carr

chapter Chapter 3|12 pages

Feminism, Epistemology and Education

ByShirley Pendlebury

part Part II|45 pages

The Aims of Education

chapter Chapter 4|9 pages

Autonomy as an Educational Aim

ByChristopher Winch

chapter Chapter 5|9 pages

SElf-Determination as an Educational Aim

ByJames C. Walker

chapter Chapter 6|14 pages

The Politics of Identity and the Epiphanies of Learning

ByPádraig Hogan

chapter Chapter 7|11 pages

Education, The Market and the Nature of Personal Well-Being

ByJohn White

part Part III|34 pages

Politics and Education

chapter Chapter 8|13 pages

Liberal Values and Liberal Education

ByJ. Mark Halstead

chapter Chapter 9|11 pages

The Politics of Difference and Common Education

ByEamonn Callan

chapter Chapter 10|8 pages

Rethinking Democracy and Education

Towards an education of deliberative citizens
ByTomas Englund

part Part IV|49 pages

Education Policy

chapter Chapter 11|16 pages

What's The Good of Education?

ByJoseph Dunne

chapter Chapter 12|13 pages

Imagining Futures

The public school and possibility
ByMaxine Greene

chapter Chapter 13|11 pages

The Limits of Aesthetic Separatism 1

Literary education and Michael Oakeshott's philosophy of art
ByKevin Williams

chapter Chapter 14|7 pages

Inclusion vs Fairness

ByRobin Barrow

part Part V|45 pages

The Moral Dimensions of Teaching

chapter Chapter 15|11 pages

Education as a Moral Practice

ByRichard Pring

chapter Chapter 16|13 pages

Paths of Judgement

The revival of practical wisdom
ByRichard Smith

chapter Chapter 17|11 pages

Moral Language and Pedagogical Experience

ByMax van Manen

chapter Chapter 18|8 pages

Ethics Before Equality

Moral education after Levinas
ByPaul Standish