'Makes a substantial contribution to the practical, effective analysis of climate change mitigation options in developing countries.'

Development And Cooperation

'The book is an excellent exercise and a good source of detailed information, and a basis for further discussions. Any person interested in this major environmental problem should read it.'

International Journal of Environment and Pollution

'Markandya and Halsnaes' collection is thoughtfully put together and can be recommended to all the practitioners in the fields of climate change and sustainable development.'

The Journal of Energy Literature

This text argues that the policies pursued by developing countries will be crucial in determining the progress of climate change. Many are industrializing rapidly and the largest, particularly China and India, could have an impact at least as significant as that of the already industrialized economies - the reason given by President Bush for taking the US out of the Kyoto Protocol. The future of sustainable development in large measure depends on developing countries. This book develops a pragmatic framework for evaluating the climate change options faced by each developing country, depending on their individual circumstances. It assesses present methods, suggests how these might be improved, and proposes ways in which social and developmental aspects can be taken into account. Its discussion of the issues and the methods presented contribute to the practical analysis of climate change mitigation options in developing countries. The book should be useful to professionals, governments, international organizations and environmental groups working on climate change issues; as well as researchers, academics and students in economics, environmental and development studies and international affairs.

chapter Chapter 1|14 pages

Climate Change and Sustainable Development: An Overview

ByAnil Markandya, Kirsten Halsnaes

chapter Chapter 2|34 pages

A Conceptual Framework for Analysing Climate Change in the Context of Sustainable Development

ByAnil Markandya, Kirsten Halsnaes, Pamela Mason, Anne Olhoff

chapter Chapter 3|24 pages

A Review of the Literature on Climate Change and Sustainable Development

ByKirsten Halsnaes

chapter Chapter 4|56 pages

Assessing Social Capital Aspects of Climate Change Projects

ByAnne Olhoff

chapter Chapter 7|45 pages

Case Studies for Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mauritius and Thailand

ByKirsten Halsnaes, Anil Markandya, Tim Taylor

chapter Chapter 8|38 pages

The CDM and Sustainable Development: Case Studies from Brazil and India

ByRonaldo Serôa da Motta, Leena Srivastava, Anil Markandya