Focusing on Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and Mainland China, the contributors to this book analyze various cases of air pollution within East Asia.

Air pollution in East Asia is a major health risk, which also has damaging impacts on the environment leading to impacts on society, economic growth, and welfare. While existing laws and policies have made progress in alleviating air pollution in each country in the region, the protection of favorable environments and the resolution of transboundary air pollution problems have become major targets of regional cooperation. Combining perspectives from social sciences and science, technology, and society studies, the contributors to this book examine both the technical and socioeconomic-political aspects of these challenges through a range of case studies from around the region.

The book is a valuable read for researchers and policymakers looking at air pollution and transboundary governance challenges within and beyond East Asia.

part I|35 pages

Air pollution politics in East Asia

chapter 2|19 pages

Politics of air pollution

How fine dust has become a politicized issue in Korea

chapter 3|14 pages

The sovereignty of air pollution?

The political ecology of particulate matter

part II|74 pages

Regional and transboundary air politics

chapter 5|22 pages

Asymmetric barriers in atmospheric politics of transboundary air pollution

A case of particulate matter (PM) cooperation between China and South Korea

chapter 6|17 pages

Atmospheric environment management regime building in East Asia

Limitation of imitating the convention on long-range transboundary air pollution and current new development

part III|63 pages

National air pollution battles

chapter 7|24 pages

Air quality injustice in Taiwan*

Just transition as the next chapter of environmental governance in post-developmental states

chapter 8|21 pages

Air quality governance in China

Authoritarian environmentalism and the coal-to-gas switch campaign

chapter 9|16 pages

Social history of air pollution in Japan

Focusing on the second stage caused by automobiles

part IV|65 pages

Contested risk constructions of air pollution

chapter 11|18 pages

Science in air pollution politics

School allocation and regulatory control disputes on SNCC, Taiwan