Fixing American Politics: Solutions for the Media Age brings together original chapters from 34 noted scholars from two disciplines – political science and communication – asked to identify the most pressing problems facing the American people and how they can be solved. Authors address the questions succinctly and directly, with their favored solutions featured in chapter titles that exhort and inspire.

The book gives the reader much to think about and debate. Should news outlets be funded with public money rather than by private enterprise? Are the new social media a boon or a bane to political elections? Is the American past dead, or is it living once again? Do churchgoers and environmentalists have anything to discuss? Is the FCC doing its job? Can political ads be made less toxic? Should Fox News be "cancelled?" Should cancel cultures be cancelled? Can we become more civil to one another and, if so, how? Fixing American Politics poses all the best questions … and offers some concrete answers as well. This book is perfect for students, citizens, the media, and anyone concerned with contemporary challenges to civic life and discourse today.

part |10 pages


chapter 1|8 pages

Make Politics Your Passion

part 1|35 pages

Make History Functional

chapter 2|8 pages

Let's Find a Usable Past

chapter 4|8 pages

Heed the Prophetic Voice

chapter 5|9 pages

Experiment With Playful Protest

part 2|41 pages

Exploit Human Capacities

chapter 7|8 pages

Use Emotion Wisely

chapter 9|7 pages

Tell the Story of Poverty 1

chapter 10|8 pages

Imagine New Political Coalitions

part 3|38 pages

Open Your Mind

part 4|45 pages

Confront the Establishment

part 5|43 pages

Upgrade Political Campaigns

chapter 20|10 pages

Study the Electorate Thoroughly

chapter 21|8 pages

Talk About Voters Thoughtfully

chapter 22|8 pages

Vote When Voting Really Counts

chapter 23|8 pages

Make Ads Safe for Democracy

chapter 24|7 pages

Let's Outperform Super PACs

part 6|44 pages

Reimagine Traditional Journalism

part |14 pages


chapter 30|12 pages

Enliven Your Civic Capacities