Learning spaces are an increasing area of debate in higher education studies, as universities attempt to develop holistic forms of education that connect epistemological areas. Focusing on faculty-student collaborative learning in residential colleges in Singapore, this book carefully examines how we can enable students to grow and develop, not just as workers for the global marketplace but also as unique individuals.

Showcasing the diversity of programs and initiatives that contribute to student learning outcomes, the volume draws upon the real-world experiences of educators and students. Contributors examine the benefits and challenges of crafting and implementing innovative programs and activities focused on the technologies of learning, interdisciplinary thinking, experiential learning, community engagement and authenticity. Students, working with one another, their teachers and community partners, also play a pivotal role in co-creating their learning journeys. The chapter authors provide their critical reflections on how the experiences and lessons learnt may apply to other learning spaces in higher education (including online and blended spaces).

This edited volume will be relevant to any educator, researcher or student interested in creative learning spaces, and innovative programmes and activities that bring together students, educators and community partners.

chapter 1|13 pages

The Impact and Potential of Residential Colleges

An Overview
BySiok Kuan Tambyah

chapter 2|16 pages

Knowing and Doing

Making Learning Spaces in a Residential College
ByEric Kerr

chapter 4|18 pages

A Hybrid Model of Students-as-Partners

A Systematic Exploration of Co-created Experiential Learning in Higher Education
ByKankana Mukhopadhyay, Wong Soon Fen

chapter 5|18 pages

Facilitating Student Learning in the Informal Curriculum

Community Engagement Festival as a Case Study
ByLavanya Balachandran, Sue Chang-Koh, Shanthni Selvarajan

chapter 6|15 pages

Practising Individual and Relational Authenticity

Insights from Self-Reflection Workshops for Senior Students
ByCatelijne Coopmans

chapter 7|13 pages

Reflections and Aspirations

BySiok Kuan Tambyah