Transformative Teaching Around the World compiles inspiring stories from Fulbright-awarded teachers whose instructional practices have impacted schools and communities globally. Whether thriving or struggling in their classrooms, instructing in person or online, or pushing for changes at high or low costs and risk levels, teachers devote intense energy and careful decision-making to their students and fellow staff. This book showcases an expansive variety of educational practices fostered across international contexts by real teachers: active and empowering learning strategies, critical thinking and creative problem-solving, cultural responsiveness and sustainability, humanistic integration of technology, and more. Pre- and in-service teachers, teacher educators, online/blended instructors, and other stakeholders will find a wealth of grounded, motivating approaches for transforming the lives of learners and their communities.

chapter 1|7 pages

Time for Making Impact

ByCurtis J. Bonk, Meina Zhu

section Section 1|37 pages

Personal Transformations

chapter 2|5 pages

Professional Growth and Cross-Cultural Exchange

A Glimpse Into a Fulbright Program's Lifelong Impact on Global Educators
ByJacob Butler

chapter 3|7 pages

Energy Found Me; Energy Kept Me

Thoughts on Power, Sharing, and Service
ByAlba Rosario Marrón Canseco

chapter 4|5 pages

The World of Endless Possibilities

The Educator in Me
ByKeitumetse Thobani

chapter 5|5 pages

Questions That Matter

An Epistle to the Learner
ByPratiksha Chopra

chapter 6|6 pages

Sun on the Snow

Ad Meliora—Towards Better Things
ByRemyaParameswar Iyer

chapter 7|5 pages

From Ancient History to Current Practice

Experimenting With the Pedagogical Tools for Teacher Creativity and Student Empowerment
ByNourit Ben David Erez

section Section 2|35 pages

Innovative Education

chapter 8|4 pages

“You Can't Use Up Creativity—The More You Use, the More You Have”

The Story of Chris Gadbury
ByShengnan (Penny) Ma

chapter 9|5 pages

Community Health and Environment

A Learning Project From India
ByNarayani Singh

chapter 10|7 pages

Metacognitive Experiences on an Urban Concept Farm

Local, Project-Based Learning in Science and Sustainable Agriculture
BySimon McMillan

chapter 11|7 pages

Empowering Teachers to Become Transformational Leaders Through Reflective Conversations

A School-Based Inquiry and a Professional Development Project
ByMohana Ratnam

chapter 12|8 pages

“Poipoia te Kakano Kia Puawai” (Nurture the Seed and It Will Blossom)

Affective Spaces in Education—Prison and Beyond
ByLynnette Brice

section Section 3|37 pages

Teaching With Technology

chapter 13|5 pages

Fostering Student Motivation and Engagement Through the Relevant, Appealing, and Personal (RAP) Pedagogical Guideline

Tech Stories From Singapore
ByMuhammad Nazir Bin Amir

chapter 14|4 pages

Social Media to Tickle Motivation to Learn

From Saudi High Schools
ByKhadijah Alghamdi

chapter 15|6 pages

Sparking Inspiration Through Motivation and Technology Integration

ByYassine Abdellaoui

chapter 16|7 pages

Interactive Writing Instruction in Zoom

ByYan Zhang

chapter 17|5 pages

A Learning Journey by Being Far and Near

A Lesson Designed in the R2D2 Framework
ByBegaim Adilkhanova

chapter 18|6 pages

It's All About the Experience

Technology-Enhanced Designs to Generate Value
ByMaria Solomou

section Section 4|29 pages

Pandemic Practices

chapter 19|8 pages

Chicken or Egg?

Achieving the Right Balance Between Technology and Pedagogy in Online Learning
ByEdwin Chew

chapter 20|4 pages

Learning in Lockdowns

Creating Safe, Structured, and Student-Centered Classes During the Pandemic
ByMaija Heikkilä

chapter 21|5 pages

Actively Engaging Students in India During COVID-19

A Former Fulbrighter Finds Hope
ByRathnakaran Kozhukkunnon Othayoth

chapter 22|6 pages

Online Education in a Korean Elementary School During COVID-19

Focusing on My Experience Using Blended Learning
ByJeong-Ae Lee

section Section 5|27 pages

English Education and Collaboration

chapter 24|6 pages

English Education Enabled by Technology

Story From an Online Teacher for an Under-Sourced Village School in China
ByChaoran Wang

chapter 25|5 pages

Highlighting Collaborative Learning in Language Classroom

A Story From Thailand
ByApapan Sailabada

chapter 26|4 pages

Live Classes of Lives

English Reading to Ponder Life, Social Phenomena, and the Fate of the World
ByXiaoxiu (Anne) Wang

chapter 27|4 pages

Student Collaboration Starts With Teacher Collaboration

BySanna Leinonen

chapter 28|6 pages

Transformative Learning? Yes, Possibly in a Flipped Classroom

ByHyun-Ju Kim

section Section 6|32 pages

Active Learning Strategies

chapter 29|7 pages

“Why Weren't We Taught Like This?”

Introducing Creative Strategies to Indian Teachers
ByMarina Basu

chapter 30|5 pages

Hooking Students Into Science With Engaging Activities

BySutapa Mukund

chapter 31|5 pages

Pedagogical Innovations From Finland

Using Positive Phenomena for Powerful Learning
ByTarja Mykrä

chapter 32|6 pages

Active Learning Through Using Actively Learn

ByFiona Jeffries

chapter 33|5 pages

Activating the Active Learning Classroom

Making the Connection From Local to Global
ByJhenyi Wu

section Section 7|31 pages

Global Education

chapter 35|4 pages

Learning Through Student Exchange Projects

ByTaru Pohtola

chapter 36|5 pages

From Moment to Momentum

Technology-Expanded Classrooms From Mexico to France and Back
ByDiana Zamudio

chapter 37|8 pages

Empowering Teachers With Technology and Pedagogy

Distance Teacher Training in Uzbekistan
ByUmida Khikmatillaeva

chapter 38|5 pages

We Can Still Be Global Citizens

Virtual Exchange Program to Connect Yemeni EFL Youth With AFL American Counterparts
ByAmani Gashan

section Section 8|37 pages

Overcoming Challenges

chapter 39|6 pages

Cancer, COVID-19, and the Cultural Impact of Technology in the Classroom

ByRhuperdia Crowe-Clay

chapter 40|5 pages

Equitable Learning in Inequitable Classrooms

Cases of Teacher Design Thinking in Rural Schools in Bhutan and Papua New Guinea
ByKhendum Gyabak

chapter 41|4 pages

The Story Behind Jacky's Cell Phone

Bring the Invisible Forward
ByNatalia Ramirez-Casalvolone

chapter 42|5 pages

The Story of Keeping Education Wheels Turning

Motivation and Collaboration When Teaching in a Postwar Context
BySimon Pierre Munyaneza

chapter 43|6 pages

Augmenting Curriculum in a War-Torn Country

Augmented Reality in Online Teaching
ByEbrahim Bamanger

chapter 44|7 pages

After Making Impact

ByMeina Zhu, Curtis J. Bonk