This book looks at Japanese companies in manufacturing and services sectors and how they are trying to emerge from the prolonged uncertainty of the pandemic. The chapters are written by those dealing with Japanese business under the shadow of the pandemic and being influenced by the continuous and rapid adoption of digital technologies in business and our daily lives.

This book brings together the experiences of big and small corporations while looking at how digital transformation and the pandemic combined have led to a transformation in the product, production processes and services. It highlights the role played by robots, 3-D printing and renewable energy in manufacturing while the impact can be seen in the changes coming to future offices, how we work and interact and how we relax through tourism and travel on the service side. The services sector is as much impacted by digital transformation and the pandemic as any other field in business.

Aimed at academics, researchers and practitioners, Japanese Business Operations in an Uncertain World will provide valuable insights into how Japanese organizations are adapting to the dual impact of the pandemic and advancements in digital technologies.

part Section 2|99 pages


chapter 9|14 pages

Japanese business communication in the COVID crisis

A study of horenso and its implications