This collection brings together international teacher educators to employ a ‘long view’ of an historic and values-based dialectic in teacher education. The authors reflect how employing historical consciousness to look back can offer greater continuity to teachers’ moral and political values within their training.

The book draws on research from experienced teacher educators representing different historical, social and political contexts in North America, Europe, Asia as well in post-conflict South Africa. Within each section, the authors reflect on the development of the moral and political values of pre-service and in-service teachers in an era of global neo-liberalism and how this is inextricably bound up with the narratives of professionals in the past within their own national context. Each chapter takes a ‘long view’ of the role of historical consciousness in informing the moral and political values of pre-service and in-service teachers, providing examples of how international teacher educators can collectively support one another in restoring a vibrant, values-based dialectic within the processes, pedagogies and provision of university and school-based training for which they are responsible. The ‘long view’ approach offers a compelling argument for the need to connect pre-service and in-service teachers’ values and narrative to the legacy of professionals of the past.

Moral and Political Values in Teacher Education over Time will be of great interest to researchers, academics and students in teacher education, comparative education and the history of education. It will also be of interest to international university and school-based teacher educators and policymakers in the field.

part one|68 pages

The European context

chapter 2|24 pages


Values in teacher education in an era of social democracy in England

chapter 4|19 pages

The educational ideals of Spanish schoolteachers

Training, professional tensions and future uncertainties

part two|22 pages

The American context

chapter 5|20 pages

The positive power of negative capability

Long-term teacher researchers in the United States

part three|23 pages

The South African post-conflict context

chapter 6|21 pages

Teacher education, values and transformation

An analysis of the Longue Durée of the process of learning to teach in South Africa 1

part four|44 pages

The Japanese context

chapter 8|22 pages

Conclusion – reconnecting the dialectic

Implications of the ‘long view’ of values in teacher education for the collaborative work of international teacher educators