This book analyses the economic and social impact of the Covid-19 crisis with special focus on India. It examines the economic disruption caused by the pandemic, policy responses to it and the prospect of a severe global recession. It also covers how the pandemic has contributed to considerable suffering among the masses and affected socio-cultural relationships, behavioural patterns and psychological attitudes governing human interaction.

A topical and timely collection on the pandemic, the essays in the volume discuss several key themes which include,

· The Corona pandemic and the changing global economy; growth, trade and macroeconomic recovery;

· Public health and policy failures; appropriate policy response;

· Impact on education; guidelines for the future;

· Idea of economic herd immunity; impact of India’s lockdown, crisis of the migrant labourers;

· Impact on agriculture, industry, firms, households and the informal sector;

· Implications of digital technology for production, labour and labour relations;

· Violence amidst the virus; Covid 19 and Hindu- Muslim conflict in India, domestic violence, questions of occupation, identity, gender and vulnerability;

· De-globalisation and environmental challenges in the post-Covid era.

Engagingly written, this comprehensive volume compiles original research by leading economists from India and abroad. It will be useful for scholars and researchers of economics, of the Indian economy, development economics, development studies, labour studies, public policy, public administration, governance, sociology and political economy.

part I|77 pages

Conflicts, trust and society

part II|104 pages

Macroeconomic issues and environment

chapter 8|17 pages

The macroeconomic impact of Covid-19 on the Indian economy

An exploratory framework

chapter 12|17 pages

Green or brown

Global environment in the post-COVIDian era, and challenges for India

part III|110 pages

Sectoral perspectives

chapter 13|18 pages

Coping with Covid-19 and its consequences

Household adjustments in India

chapter 14|29 pages

Firm fragility

A re-interpretation in the times of the Covid-19 outbreak

chapter 15|18 pages

Impact of Covid-19 on manufacturing industries in India

Networks and trade dependence

chapter 17|20 pages

The pandemic and the informal sector of India

Probable impacts and strategic intervention 1

chapter 18|12 pages

Covid-19 pandemic

Implications for widowed and elderly women in India

part IV|99 pages

Health, education and labour

chapter 20|16 pages

Higher education in the Post-Covid era

India and the world

chapter 21|23 pages

Lockdowns, migrants, and the spatial distribution of Covid-19 cases in India

Consequences of a “tough and timely decision”

chapter 22|15 pages

Labour and the pandemic

A study on work, employment, and work situation

chapter 23|17 pages

Covid-19 pandemic and migrant workers

India and the world