Creative Bodies in Therapy, Performance and Community champions several diverse and innovative approaches in the professional engagement with the creative body as a catalyst for change in therapy, education, somatics and performance.

With contributors from the wide-ranging fields of performance and visual arts, psychotherapy, dance and somatics, this book articulates practice-based experiences in a creative language. The readers are invited to move from the process of reading, into the experience of being in and making sense of the world through a moving body. The book meanders purposefully through practice-led embodied approaches in research that generate new knowledge, methodological frameworks that have emerged in response to the needs of different contexts, as well as offerring a window on first-hand experience as practice.

The book will appeal to a wide range of practitioners and trainees in Dance Movement Psychotherapy, arts therapies, counselling and psychotherapy, somatics, community practice and performance.

chapter 5|12 pages

The cat, the foal and other meetings that make a difference

Posthuman research that re-animates our responsiveness to knowing and becoming

chapter 7|11 pages

Lives transformed through dance

The art of dance as a catalyst for personal transformation

chapter 10|13 pages

Being seen and seeing self

Explorations in the creative process in performance and therapy

chapter 11|9 pages

Finding my way home

An embodied journey to building an inclusive dance community

chapter 12|12 pages

Dancing in the kitchen

Using creativity and embodiment to promote a decolonising approach to psychotherapy

chapter 13|9 pages

Sing your way home

Designing a creative group intervention in the women's prison as a Dance Movement Therapist in Singapore

chapter 14|10 pages


Exploring creativity as a practice of liminality in the arts therapies

chapter 16|9 pages

Dancing with Stephen

Reconnecting with the body in a search for closure

chapter 18|7 pages

Happening upon a cobweb