First published in 1962, Reason and Imagination presents collection of fourteen essays dedicated to Marjorie Hope Nicholson and is divided equally between works of her colleagues and of her former students. It contains themes like noble numbers and poetry of devotion, Cromwell as Davidic King, the isolation of the renaissances hero, Milton’s dialogue on Astronomy, music, mirth and galenic traditions in England, the Augustan conception of history, Locke and Sterne, and literary criticism and artistic interpretation, to weave a narrative of the history of ideas in the seventeenth and eighteenth century. This book will be an essential read for scholars and researchers of literary history, philosophy, comparative literature, and English literature in general.

chapter |27 pages

Noble Numbers and the Poetry of Devotion

ByMiriam K. Starkman

chapter |27 pages

Cromwell as Davidic King

ByJ. A. Mazzeo

chapter |13 pages

The Isolation of the Renaissance Hero

ByDouglas Bush

chapter |36 pages

Some Paradoxes in the Language of Things

ByR. L. Colie

chapter |14 pages

Milton's Dialogue on Astronomy

ByArthur O. Lovejoy

chapter |12 pages

Music, Mirth, and Galenic Tradition in England

ByGretchen Ludke Finney

chapter |27 pages

Eve and Dalila: Renovation and the Hardening of the Heart

ByMary Ann Nevins Radzinowicz

chapter |18 pages

The Bird, the Blind Bard, and the Fortunate Fall

ByAnne Davidson Ferry

chapter |11 pages

The Tragedy of God's Englishman

ByWilliam Haller

chapter |17 pages

The Augustan Conception of History

ByHerbert Davis

chapter |23 pages

The Houyhnhnms, the Yahoos, and the History of Ideas

ByR. S. Crane

chapter |23 pages

Locke and Sterne

ByErnest Tuveson

chapter |28 pages

Literary Criticism and Artistic Interpretation

Eighteenth-Century English Illustrations of The Seasons
ByRalph Cohen