SENCO wellbeing matters, and this accessible book is written by experienced SENCOs for SENCOs to offer crucial support and guidance on important aspects of what can be a challenging and complex role.

Divided into three parts – people, purpose and place – it explores essential themes to support SENCO wellbeing, from building a team and finding joy in the job, to managing conflict and balancing time and workload. Through seven engaging characters, inhabitants of the town ‘Inclusion Ville’, the book also shines a light on empowerment, agency and being a changemaker, with a focus on how SENCOs can drive whole school change. Each chapter includes mindful moments, allowing the reader to consider reflective questions and calls to action, as well as case studies and activities, to consolidate learning and help SENCOs to develop their own bespoke wellbeing toolkit.

SENCOs need to intentionally invest in themselves and their wellbeing in order to be effective SEND leaders. This valuable book is key reading for all SENCOs, both new to the job and experienced, as well as senior leadership teams.

chapter |15 pages

I am a SENCO

ByAnita Devi

chapter 1|19 pages


ByAnita Devi

chapter 2|17 pages

Working with others (well)

ByJenny Bowers

chapter 3|18 pages

Building teams

ByAnita Devi

chapter 4|13 pages

Joy in the job

ByJenny Bowers

chapter 5|17 pages

Be a changemaker

ByAnita Devi

chapter 6|15 pages

Yielding influence for impact

ByAnita Devi

chapter 7|14 pages

Managing conflict without the baggage

ByAnita Devi

chapter 8|15 pages

Time and workload

Finding harmony
ByAnita Devi, Jenny Bowers

chapter 9|11 pages

Don't get stuck

The terrain keeps changing
ByJenny Bowers

chapter |2 pages

A final word on leaving a legacy …

ByAnita Devi, Jenny Bowers