Digital Pricing Strategy provides a best-practice overview of how companies design, analyse and execute digital pricing strategies. Bringing together insights from academic and professional experts globally, the text covers essential areas of the value and pricing of data, platform pricing, pricing of subscriptions and monetization of the global environment.

Case studies, examples and interviews from leading organizations, including Zuora, Honeywell, Relayr, Alcatel Lucent, ABB, Thales and General Electric, illustrate key concepts in practice. To aid student learning, chapter objectives, summaries and key questions feature in every chapter, alongside PowerPoint slides and a test bank available online for lecturers.

Comprehensive and applied in its approach, this text provides postgraduate, MBA and Executive Education students with an understanding of the capabilities, processes and tools that enable executives to effectively implement digital transformations and capture value from digital innovations.

Introduction; Part I: Pricing as a Force of Digital Transformation, 1. Pricing for Industry 4.0, 2. Transforming an Industrial Native Step-by-Step: An Interview with Antoine Frack, Director of Digital Innovation, Hager, 3. Essentials of Digital Pricing, 4. Organising for Digital Pricing, 5. Data Monetization and Digital Go-to-Market: An Interview with Bill Schmarzo, Hitachi; Part II: The Value-Based Pricing of Digital Innovations, 6. Steps for the Value-Based Pricing of Digital Innovations, 7. The Use of Pricing Research in Digital Transformations, 8. The Use of Pricing Research in Digital Transformations, 9. Systematizing your Value Models for Digital Innovations, 10. Practical Digital Innovation Development Using The Right Tools: An Interview with Kevin Lemke, Vice President, Innovation & Head of Startups at Stanley Black and Decker, 11. “Outcome-Based Pricing in EaaS Models; Part III: Subscription-Based Pricing, 12. The Digital Disruption in the Financial and Insurance Sector, 13. Best Practices in Subscription-based Pricing, 14. New Valuation Methods for SaaS Companies, 15. Best Practices in Software Pricing; Part IV: The Value and Pricing of Data, 16. The Value of Data Analytics in Business, 17. A Systematic of Extracting Value from your Data, 18. Pricing of Data, 19. Monetizing Data in a Connected World, 20. The Data Monetization Framework; Part V: Pricing Platforms and Market Places, 21. The Main Challenges in Monetizing Value and Pricing in Digital Platforms, 22. Case Studies in Platform Pricing, 23. Monetizing Marketplaces, 24. Value in the Digital Platform Business Building, 25. From Subscription Billing to Subscription Commerce; Part VI: Pricing Technologies in the New Normal, 26. Why Preparing Data is Key to Pricing Technology Success, 27. Digital Selling Maturity, 28. Pricing Technology to Drive Commercial Excellence, 29. AI Pricing as a Source of Competitive Advantage; Conclusions