Challenges in Early Years and Primary Education focuses on the teaching and learning of children in early years and primary school settings and creates awareness and a deeper understanding of current and critical education issues such as wellbeing, global education, online teaching, and teaching and learning in a multicultural society.

This book encourages the development of the underpinning knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning, recognising good mental health and the solid principles of working with children, families and other professionals. Through discussions on a range of interrelated factors that contribute to children’s development, and learning and progressive participation, expert contributors explore ways to respond to and ameliorate the effects of the pandemic and other possible challenges that education professionals and children might face in the future.

Challenges in Early Years and Primary Education is ideal reading for educational practitioners including teachers and anyone working in aligned educational settings, as well as students in the field of early years and primary education.

chapter |3 pages


ByEstelle Tarry

part I|60 pages

Children and the Curriculum

chapter 1|15 pages

Child Development and Neurodiversity

Every Classroom, Every Child and Every Family are Unique
ByAnna Neale, Sabrina Connolly

chapter 2|12 pages

‘I've Just Found Some Dragon Snot, Yay!'

The Effect of Forest School Sessions on Children and Staff
ByJo Button

chapter 3|17 pages

More Than Just Dressing Up in a Sari

International Schools in a Multicultural World
ByEstelle Tarry

chapter 4|14 pages

‘Education is the Most Powerful Weapon Which You Can Use to Change the World' (Mandela)

Global Education and Global Citizenship
ByKatrina Perkins

part II|59 pages

Professional Practice

chapter 5|14 pages

Walking the Online Learning Tightrope

Education Reimagined Through Pandemic Learning
ByCathie Burgess

chapter 6|12 pages

Harnessing Reflexive Practice for Professionals, Children and Settings

A Practical Guide for Greater Reflection
ByAlison Milner

chapter 7|16 pages

Professionalism in Practice

A Toolkit for Negotiating Professional Identity in Early Years and Primary Settings
ByLisa Rogers

chapter 8|15 pages

‘Why Should I Worry…the SENCO Will Do it All'

Recognising the Importance of the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) in Our Schools in Readiness for a Post-COVID-19 World
ByAndy Smith

part III|61 pages

Child Protection and Beyond

chapter 9|14 pages

‘What are you going to do about it?'

Responsibility, Risks and Realities; Considerations for Safeguarding Children
ByCaroline Knight

chapter 10|15 pages

Mental Health, Wellbeing, Resilience and Character

Helping Children to Flourish and Thrive
ByIsabel Hallam

chapter 11|14 pages

Adverse Childhood Experiences

How a Trauma Aware Classroom Can Improve Outcomes for Children
ByKelly Laywood

chapter 12|14 pages

Why Do Good Children Do Bad Things and How We Can Help Them to Stop?

ByJodie Rossiter

chapter |2 pages


Moving Forward
ByEstelle Tarry