Many universities offer the Master of Public Administration (MPA) or other public affairs degree, which includes at least one course in public budgeting or public financial management. The faculty who teach these courses can however sometimes struggle to cover the breadth of material required and to fully engage students in what can be a technical subject. Teaching Public Budgeting and Finance: A Practical Guide addresses this challenge by sharing hands-on classroom expertise from leading scholars and creative instructors in the field. Drawing on their extensive experiences with teaching, researching, and engaging in service, each contributor reflects on how their area of expertise can be taught most effectively, providing a discussion of student learning outcomes, pedagogical approaches, relevant resources, and appropriate course assignments.

While no one book can provide a final say on classroom instruction, this first-of-its kind primer on teaching public budgeting and financial management courses is a detailed, indispensable guide for all faculty looking to improve the learning experience of students in the classroom. Teaching Public Budgeting and Finance: A Practical Guide is required reading for early career faculty as they prepare to teach the course for what may be the first time, as well as for more senior faculty looking to update their course, complement their own teaching strengths, or teaching the course for the first time in several years.

chapter 3|21 pages


chapter 6|46 pages

Financial Management

chapter 7|16 pages

Auditing and Internal Controls

chapter 8|30 pages

Financial Condition Analysis

chapter 9|18 pages