The present volume makes students and researchers familiar with contemporary issues in global political economy with a focus on the working of global capitalism in the last four to five decades. The volume covers a wide range of issues from conceptual questions to empirical investigation with the aim to promote a critical understanding of the major challenges posed by contemporary capitalism. It contains contributions of leading political economists from India and abroad. The volume will be a significant resource for developing a graduate course in global political economy.

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chapter 2|21 pages

Essential Concepts in Marxian Political Economy

BySurinder Kumar

chapter 3|11 pages

Notes on Marx's Critique of Classical Political Economy1

ByPrabhat Patnaik

chapter 4|23 pages

Capitalist Mode of Production: A Basic Interpretation 1

ByParamjit Singh

chapter 5|13 pages

Contemporary Capitalism

ByGreg Albo

chapter 6|18 pages

Reserve Army of Labour

ByDeepankar Basu

chapter 7|21 pages

Political Economy of Employment-Unemployment in Capitalism

BySatyaki Roy

chapter 10|20 pages

'Big is Not Always Beautiful': Family Farms and Capitalism

ByGoran Djurfeldt

chapter 11|11 pages

What is Monopoly Capital? 1

ByJohn Bellamy Foster

chapter 13|24 pages

Financialisation: There's Something Happening Here 1

ByGerald Epstein

chapter 14|29 pages

Reflections on the Classical Theory of Imperialism: Does History Repeat Itself?

ByParamjit Singh, Balwinder Singh Tiwana

chapter 16|14 pages

Climate Crisis and the Idea of Degrowth 1

ByV. Upadhyay

chapter 17|23 pages

Capitalism, Ecology and Eco-Socialism

ByPritam Singh

chapter 18|28 pages

Energy, Economic Growth, and Ecological Crisis 1

ByErald Kolasi