Offering contributions and vignettes from teachers, school leaders, and scholars, this volume purposefully dismantles practitioner-academic divides to invite dialogue around diverse understandings of global citizenship education (GCE).

Recognizing that the field of GCE is often explored and conceptualized by educators and academics in silos, this book confronts this issue by focusing on how schools, educators, and researchers can together support the enactment of GCE in international and national settings. In doing so, issues of westernization, inequality, access, and divergence between GCE policy and practical implementation can be overcome. The novel dialogical format links together theory, practice, and lived experience to create discourses between voices that are rarely connected. Ultimately, this volume offers important insights for those aiming to make equitable GCE a reality in schools worldwide and illustrates the value of collaborative dialogic exchange.

This text will benefit scholars, academics, and students in the fields of international and comparative education, the sociology of education, and citizenship more broadly. Those involved with multicultural education policy and citizenship in the context of political sociology and social policy will also benefit from this volume.

chapter |11 pages


Critical Discussions of Global Citizenship Education in the Third Space

part One|73 pages

Dismantling Normative Understandings of Global Citizenship Education

chapter Chapter One|10 pages

Decolonizing Global Citizenship

Contesting Normative Conceptions of Global Citizenship Education

chapter Chapter Two|10 pages

Challenging Universalisms

A Critical Dialogue about Humanist Assumptions of Global Citizenship Education

chapter Chapter Four|11 pages

Contrasting Perspectives on Global Citizenship in Practice

What Can International Schools Deliver?

chapter Chapter Six|10 pages

Global Footprints

Reflections of International Baccalaureate Alumni on Their Transformative Personal Journeys

chapter |10 pages

Part One Conclusion

Dialogues across Silos

part Two|93 pages

Optimizing Global Citizenship Education Practice through Dialogic Exchange

chapter Chapter Seven|11 pages

Accreditation and Recruitment in International Schools

Divergences between Global Citizenship Education Ideals and Practice

chapter Chapter Eight|11 pages

Using Explicit Curricular Aims to Drive Global Citizenship Education

Global Citizenship-Orientated Curricula in Two African Contexts

chapter Chapter Twelve|10 pages

Preparing Globally Minded Educators

The Role of International Experiences in Pre-service Teacher Education

chapter Chapter Thirteen|9 pages

Young Global Citizens, Eco-Anxiety, and Climate Activism

An Intergenerational Conversation

chapter |9 pages

Part Two Conclusion

Dialogues across Silos

chapter |10 pages


Lessons from Purposeful Dialogues on Equitable GCE