This book assists the better understanding of value co-creation and co-destruction in tourism development by bringing together different perspectives and disciplines. It provides some examples of how value can be co-created or co-destroyed within the context of tourism.

Tourism is susceptible to uncertainty and incidents that can directly impact the supply and demand of its discretionary products and services. Consensus has been reached among practitioners and academics that consumer experience is more important than ever for enterprises as well as destinations, as the sector has become globalized, reached maturity and become highly competitive. Still, the pathway to success (or failure) lies within the overall satisfaction of visitors and tourists, which heavily depends on perceived value; a concept that can be co-created or co-destroyed by the very interaction between all social actors and stakeholders involved. Value creation or destruction is critical not just for traditional supply and demand, but also for an array of actors across value and distribution chains (including, for example, staff and intermediaries across the networks).

The book will be of great value to scholars, students and policymakers interested in tourism studies and practices and service management, as well as professionals in the field of tourism management.

The chapters were originally published as a special issue of the journal, Tourism Planning & Development.

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Revisiting Value Co-creation and Co-destruction in Tourism