Economic development depends heavily on the growth of social sectors like education, healthcare, gender equality, as well as factors like income, consumption, investment and trade. This book examines the interlinkages between development, good governance and spending on social growth.

The book focuses on different areas of social growth, public welfare and poverty reduction including managing human resource, corruption in public institutions, public spaces as well as health and welfare measures. The chapters in the volume highlight the role of government interventions in boosting human development - particularly in developing countries in Asia and Africa and many developed countries in the post-COVID scenario. The book also examines the foundations of government spending on development and effective governance while underlining the impact which social growth has on the economy.

Rich in theoretical and empirical perspectives, this book will be useful for students and researchers of economics, sociology, political studies, public finance, development studies as well as for policy makers and think tanks working in the areas of human development.

Introduction. 1. Political Economy underlying Corruption and its Macroeconomic Implications: An Introspection 2. Social credibility and institutional informality in the governance of public space: The Commons perspective 3. Governance, Social Sector Development and Employment in European and Sub-Saharan African Countries 4. Effectiveness of Good Governance on Human Development: Empirical evidence from selected countries in the world 5. Linkages between Social Sector Spending, Governance and Economic Growth- Case Study of India and China 6. Governance, Social Sector Spending and Sustainable Growth in Selected African Countries 7. Revisiting the “Governance, Corruption and Growth” Nexus in a Multi-Country Set-up: Does Human Development matter? 8. The Culture of Corruption in Pakistan and Afghanistan: Impacts on Socio-Economic Profiles 9. Sustainable Development: The Case of Emerging Market Economies 10. Governance Reforms and Economic Growth: Some Dimensions 11. Effectiveness of Social Sector Expenditure and Governance in Economic Development: A Comparative Study between Developed and Developing Economies 12. Healthcare in India with Respect to Sustainable Development Goals–A Comparative Study within South Asian Countries