The third edition of New Directions in the American Presidency provides important updates on all topics throughout the text, including new and relevant literature across the subfield of presidency studies within political science. Significant changes have occurred within the political environment since the publication of the second edition. Many scholars refer to the Trump presidency as a "disruption" to the political order, and each chapter will assess the lessons and legacies of the Trump years and analyze how the Biden presidency is faring in the return to a more "traditional" style of presidential leadership.

New to the Third Edition:

  • Updated chapter on the 2020 presidential campaign and aftermath
  • Assessment of the Trump years: Presidential powers and management of executive branch, use of social media, relationship with Congress, relationship with political parties, public opinion, domestic and foreign policy, Supreme Court appointments
  • Two new chapters—unitary powers, and intersectionality and the presidency

chapter 1|16 pages


Studying Presidents and the Presidency

chapter 3|19 pages

Presidents and Unilateral Powers

chapter 5|19 pages

Presidents and Political Parties

chapter 6|22 pages

Presidents and Mass Media

chapter 7|18 pages

Presidents and Public Opinion

chapter 9|26 pages

Presidents and Congress

chapter 10|27 pages

Presidents and the Courts

chapter 13|21 pages

Presidents and Foreign Policy