This collection showcases the diversity and disciplinary breadth of small stories research, highlighting the growing critical mass of scholarship on small stories and its reach beyond discourse and sociolinguistic perspectives.

The volume both takes stock of and seeks to advance the development of small stories research by Alexandra Georgakopoulou and Michael Bamberg, as a counterpoint to conventional models in narrative studies, one which has accounted for "atypical" yet salient activities in everyday life, such as fragmentation and open-endedness, anchoring onto the present, and co-constructive dimensions in stories and identities. With data from different languages and contexts, emphasis is placed on the analytical aspects of the paradigm toward producing models for the analysis of structures, textual and interactional choices, and genres of small stories. Chapters on the role and commodification of small stories in digital environments reflect on the paradigm’s recent extension to the analysis of social media communication.

This book will appeal to scholars interested in narrative inquiry and narrative analysis, in such fields as sociolinguistics, literary studies, communication studies, and biographical studies.

part I|81 pages

Small Stories and Big Stories

part II|101 pages

Ways of Telling

chapter 7|18 pages

Moving through a Moving (Storied) World

Small Stories and Their Contribution to Ethnographic Studies of Place

chapter 8|22 pages

World Attending in the Urban Landscape

Noticings as Small Stories

chapter 9|22 pages

“That was Rude”

Metapragmatic Impoliteness Evaluations in Breaking News Small Stories

chapter 11|19 pages

Projective Small Stories Invoking Policy Paths in Parliamentary Debates

Narrating Outcome, Performance, and Responsibilities

part III|105 pages

Participation and Positioning

chapter 12|20 pages

Small Stories in Mass Media

Coalescent Themes and Tactics in Trump's Twitter Presidency

chapter 13|21 pages

Telling the Small, Fragmented, and “In-Complete” about Experiences with Sexual Violations

Narrative Stancetaking in Feminist Hashtag Storytelling Practices on Twitter in Sweden

chapter 14|21 pages

Small Stories in Oral Histories

Multimodal Analyses of Narratives about Extreme Sensory Experiences

chapter 15|23 pages

Stories (Not) to Be Told

A Glimpse at Resistance toward “Hot Topics” in Psychotherapy