This book explores the widespread problem of gender-based violence in the Anglophone Caribbean, exploring reasons for its perpetuation and proposing viable policy and programming solutions to prevent it. Drawing on the work of a multidisciplinary team of Caribbean researchers and practitioners, the book explores the ways in which violence victimisation and perpetration have been socially and institutionally shaped, and supported by fixed gender codes.

Key themes in the book include the institutional frameworks and structural inequalities that perpetuate gender-based violence, the role of the church both in perpetuating the problem and its potential to combat it, the role of law, access to justice, and governmental and non-governmental responses to gender-based violence. The book covers violence against women, but also explores women as perpetrators, men and boys as victims, and gender-based violence against young persons. It also demonstrates the ways in which gender-based violence can further marginalise already marginalised groups, such as members of the LBTQ+ community or persons with disabilities.

Bridging the divide between academia, government, and civil society, this book challenges the normalisation of gender-based violence in the Anglophone Caribbean and proposes viable, culturally relevant solutions for prevention. It will be of interest to researchers and practitioners working on issues related to gender, the Caribbean, global development, criminology, and human rights.

chapter |9 pages

Critical Inquiries of Gender-Based Violence in the Anglophone Caribbean

An Introduction
ByRamona Biholar

chapter 1|17 pages

Looking Back to Move Forward

A Historical Reflection of Gender-Based Violence and Intimate Partner Violence in Jamaica During Slavery
ByDalea Marie Bean

chapter 2|17 pages

Gendering “Smadditisation”

Labour and Violence in the (De)Colonisation of Afro-Jamaica Consciousness
ByMarvin D. Sterling

chapter 3|21 pages

Discriminatory Laws

The Normalisation of Sexual Violence in Anglophone Caribbean Sexual Violence Laws
ByRamona Biholar

chapter 4|22 pages

Gender-Based Violence Against Caribbean Women

Femicide – A Major Gap in the Legislative Framework
ByBarbara Evelyn Bailey

chapter 6|18 pages

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Reframing the Discourse of Sexual Violence in the Anglophone Caribbean
ByJaneille Zorina Matthews

chapter 7|25 pages

The Church, IPV, and LBTQ+ in Jamaica

An Initial Conversation
ByAnna Kasafi Perkins

chapter 8|20 pages

Psst, My Sexy Friend

Investigating Women's Experiences of Hetero/Sexist Harassment in Public Spaces in Barbados
ByKaren Andrea Philip

chapter 9|18 pages

Restoring the Lives of Boys on the Margins in Trinidad and Tobago

Lessons From State-Led and Civil Society Interventions
ByGodfrey St. Bernard, Shivana Chankar, Safia King

chapter |10 pages


Towards Ending All Forms of Gender-Based Violence in the Anglophone Caribbean
ByDacia L. Leslie