This book represents a pioneering interdisciplinary effort to analyze Asian civil society under authoritarianism, a regime type that is re-appearing or deepening after several decades of increased political liberalization.

By organizing its approach into four main themes, this volume succinctly reveals the challenges facing civil society in authoritarian regimes, including: actions under political repression, transitions to democracy, uncivil society, political capture and legal control. It features in-depth analyses of a variety of Asian nations, from ‘hard’ authoritarian regimes, like China, to ‘electoral’ authoritarian regimes, like Cambodia, whilst also addressing countries experiencing democratic regression, such as the Philippines. By highlighting concrete responses and initiatives taken by civil society under authoritarianism, it advances the intellectual mandate of redefining Asia as a dynamic and interconnected formation and, moreover, as a space for the production of new theoretical insight.

Contributing to our understanding of the tensions, dynamics, and potentialities that animate state-society relations in authoritarian regimes, this will be essential reading for students and scholars of civil society, authoritarianism, and Asian politics more generally.

chapter |15 pages


Civil Society in Asia: Challenging and Navigating the Boundaries of Authoritarianism

part I|93 pages

Actions under Political Repression

chapter 1|21 pages

A ‘Leader-Full’ Movement under Authoritarianism

Mobilization Networks in Hong Kong's Anti-Extradition Movement

chapter 3|18 pages

Philippine Civil Society and Democratic Regression under Duterte

Connivance, Resistance, and Legacies of Elite Co-optation in the Context of a Weak State 1

chapter 5|16 pages

Before and after Hell's Interval

Sri Lankan Civil Society under Near-Authoritarian Regimes

part II|48 pages

Transitions to Democracy

chapter 6|16 pages

Relevance in a State of Flux

Civil Society and Environmental Protection in Kazakhstan

chapter 7|15 pages

Challenges for Myanmar's Civil Society

Depoliticization and Yangon's Urban Development under the NLD Government

chapter 8|15 pages

Backsliding to Authoritarianism in Japan?

State and Civil Responses to Experiences of Japanese Women Repatriated from Manchuria

part III|36 pages

Uncivil Society

chapter 10|20 pages

Uncivil Society

Religious Organizations, Mobocracy, and Authoritarianism in Asia

part IV|56 pages

Political Capture and Legal Control