This volume provides a geographically and historically diverse overview of philosophical traditions that establish a deep connection between truth and practice, or even see truth itself as a kind of practice.

Under the label “practices of truth” are subsumed disparate approaches that can be fruitfully brought together to explore the intersections between truth and practice in philosophy as well as to address a range of intriguing questions about truth that fall outside the domain of pure theory. The chapters in this volume provide a variety of perspectives on key practices of truth in philosophy and in the history of philosophy, enriching our understanding of the different ways in which truth and practice may be connected, including the role of certain practices in enabling philosophical insight into truth, the ways in which truth may actually be embedded in some practices, and the impact of truth on practice.

Practices of Truth in Philosophy will appeal to scholars and advanced students interested in the history of philosophy, comparative philosophy, ethics, epistemology, and the metaphysics of truth.

chapter |7 pages


chapter 1|16 pages

Truth as a Fundamental Value

chapter 3|19 pages

“A Broken Mirror”

Cynicism and the Scandal of the True Life *

chapter 4|23 pages

Truth and Ideology in Classical China

Mohists vs. Zhuangists

chapter 6|25 pages

Skepticism as a Truth-Seeking Practice

The Pyrrhonists, Diderot, and Regulative Epistemology

chapter 8|20 pages

The Early Marx's Materialism of Sensibility as Activity

Rejecting a New Myth of the Given

chapter 9|19 pages

Anti-Foundationalist Practices of Truth

Foucault, Nietzsche, and James

chapter 11|16 pages

Arendt and Transformative Politics

chapter 12|22 pages

Historicism as a Truth Practice

chapter 13|19 pages

Genealogy as a Practice of Truth

Nietzsche, Foucault, Fanon

chapter 14|20 pages

“We Come Together for Truth”

Mother's Movements, Decolonial Feminisms, and Coalitional Practices of Truth