This Handbook offers a rich survey of topics concerning historical, modern and contemporary Chinese genders and sexualities.

Exploring gender and sexuality as key dimensions of China’s modernisation and globalisation, this Handbook effectively situates Chinese gender and sexuality in transnational and transcultural contexts. It also spotlights nonnormative practices and emancipatory potentials within mainstream, heterosexual-dominated and patriarchally structured settings. It serves as a definitive study, research and resource guide for emerging gender and sexuality issues in the Chinese-speaking world. This Handbook covers interdisciplinary methodologies, perspectives and topics, including:

  • History
  • Literature
  • Art
  • Fashion
  • Migration
  • Translation
  • Sex and desire
  • Film and television
  • Digital media
  • Star and fan cultures
  • Fantasies and lives of women and LGBTQ+ groups
  • Social movements
  • Transnational feminist and queer politics

Paying acute attention to nonnormative genders and sexualities and emphasising the intersectionality of gender, sexuality, nationality, ethnicity and class, this Handbook offers an essential, field-defining text to Chinese gender and sexuality studies.

chapter |14 pages


New Directions in Chinese Gender and Sexuality Studies

part 2|88 pages

Transnational Migration and Transcultural Mobility

chapter 5|23 pages

National Allegory and Media Performativity

Chinese Masculinity in the Context of K-Pop and American Rambo

chapter 6|15 pages

Gender, Sexuality and Educational Mobility

Chinese Women Students in Australia

chapter 9|17 pages

Enacting Transnational Masculinity Regimes in the Migrant Context

Chinese Migrants in Japan

part 3|78 pages

Queer/ing China

chapter 10|15 pages

When Queer Theory Speaks Chinese

Translating Queer Theory in China

chapter 11|14 pages

Claustrophobic Sexuality

Mapping Gay Male Urban Subjects and Postmodernity in the Films of Cui Zi'en

chapter 12|12 pages

Theorising Queer Cinemas

chapter 13|19 pages

Speaking the ‘L’ Elsewhere

Queering Women on TV in a Global China

chapter 14|16 pages

‘Opening the Door to a New World’

Danmei and the Gender Revolution in China

part 4|64 pages

Shifting Discourses Surrounding Womanhood

chapter 15|17 pages


The Onion Peeling Stories

chapter 16|14 pages

Chinese Women-in-Suits

chapter 17|15 pages

Rethinking nüxing yishu in the PRC

The Shifting Discourses around Art by Women from the 1990s to Today

chapter 18|16 pages

Beyond Cyborg Prostitutes

Fantasies of Womanhood, Translated Chinese SF and Soft Power

part 5|64 pages

Gendered Governance and Contestation in Emerging Cultures and Spaces

chapter 19|14 pages

Women as Dancing Wanghong on Douyin

Affective Affordances and Gender Performativity

chapter 20|17 pages

Negotiating Hegemonic Masculinity in Postsocialist China

Grassroots Male Images in Cyberspace

chapter 21|15 pages

Sublimated Machismo

Patriarchy, Hegemonic Masculinity and Popular Nationalism in China's Hip-hop Culture

chapter 22|16 pages

From Women's Space to Gendering the Public Sphere

Ai Xiaoming's Practice of Everyday Life and Activism