Creative Concert Production and Entrepreneurship: Concert Dramaturgy and Project Development for the Performing Arts offers a conceptual and applied introduction to the musical and dramaturgical challenges involved in developing and producing concerts. Drawing from over three decades of real-world experience and a range of international case studies, the author explores new models for cooperation between artists, cultural institutions, governments, and businesses, arguing for the importance of rooting the concert production process in artistic and ethical values. The book presents essential knowledge and techniques to meet the demand for music and stage performances across genres, arenas, formats, and distribution channels. Relevant to a wide range of students and professionals in music and the performing arts, Creative Concert Production and Entrepreneurship marries theory with practice, providing a framework for readers to develop the creative entrepreneurial practices essential for success in today’s music industry.

chapter |10 pages


part I|126 pages

Creative concert production

part II|180 pages

Cultural entrepreneurship

chapter 5|30 pages

Entrepreneurial concepts

chapter 8|25 pages

The international music industry

A plural sector adapting to continuous change

chapter 9|20 pages

Music-making and production

Value chains, policy, and protection