This Handbook examines the regulatory, social, financial, and technological issues pertaining to energy communities in smart cities. Evidencing the emergence of new imperatives at the intersection of sustainability, resilience, innovation, and legal issues, energy communities embody the thrust of the user-centred digital transformation our societies are subjected to today. By bridging the energy communities debate with smart cities research, this Handbook positions itself at the heart of the conversation on energy sustainability, climate action, and “just transition”.

Drawing on contributions from across the globe, this book offers both a birds-eye and a detailed inter- and multidisciplinary insight into the emergence of energy communities and their evolution in the smart city context. Technological and regulatory aspects of this transition are explored from a variety of conceptual and empirical perspectives. Case studies evidencing developments in the Global South and the Global North embellish the conversation. Questions of climate change, energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, emissions’ reduction, and corresponding policy frameworks are discussed. Dedicated to all those interested in climate action, energy transition, sustainable development, and smart cities, this Handbook will be of interest to policymakers, lawyers, energy and urban experts, researchers, and students.

part 1|98 pages

The Smart Cities – Energy Communities Nexus

chapter 2|14 pages

Energy Communities in Smart Urban Ecosystems

Institutional, Organisational, Psychological, Technological Issues

chapter 7|21 pages

Smart Energy Solutions

Two-Way Energy and Information Exchange between Utility Companies and Prosumers

part 2|93 pages

The Legal Perspective to Energy Communities

chapter 10|12 pages

Coop-Production of Heat and Power

CHP in Cogenatives and Cogenmunities (Co-CHPs)

chapter 13|17 pages

Electricity Storage in Energy Communities

Regulatory and Policy-Making Considerations

part 3|108 pages

Case Studies

chapter 15|13 pages

Enablers and Constraints to Energy Communities

Lessons for Energy Communities in Sub-Saharan Africa

chapter 16|15 pages

Planning a Low-Carbon City in a High-Carbon State

The Case of Edmonton, Alberta