Gender Inclusive Policing: Challenges and Achievements is an edited collection focused on current challenges, innovations, and positive achievements in gender integration in policing in different subject domains and locations. Comprised of essays from expert contributors from across the globe, the book covers a variety of topics including jurisdictional achievements (South Africa, British Isles, Scandinavian countries, Australia), women in leadership (achievements and methods, merit and affirmative action issues), performance comparisons (conduct, ethics, peacebuilding), intersectionality (Indigenous women), and women‘s police stations (South America). The book explores and grapples with issues of recruitment, deployment, and promotion; obstacles to equity; effective integration strategies; management, conduct, and policing styles; race and ethnicity; and specialization.

It is an essential resource providing practical exemplars for police managers involved in gender equity programs and for professionals involved in advanced-level research, teaching, and consulting.


Tim Prenzler

1. In the Forefront of Female Policing? Women in the Scandinavian Police Forces

Silje Fekjær and Andreea Alecu

2. Gender-based Reforms in Kenyan Policing

Resila Onyango and Mangai Natarajan

3. Advances in Gender Equity in British Policing

Wendy Laverick and Emma Cunningham

4. State-Rebuilding and Equity: Women in the South African Police Service

Elrena van der Spuy and Rita Retief

5. Women and the Afghan National Police

Melissa Jardine, Fatima Kashefi, Kawsar Abulfazil and Oana Neagu

6. Affirmative Action Recruitment Strategies in Australian Policing: Three Case Studies

Tim Prenzler and Jacqueline Drew

7. Police Stations for Women and Families in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jess Rodgers, Kerry Carrington, María Victoria Puyol, Máximo Sozzo and Vanessa Ryan

8. Overcoming Barriers of Gender and Race in Australian and New Zealand Policing

Sheena Fleming, Tim Prenzler and Janet Ransley

9. Women in Police Leadership: Making Rank as a Marker of Progress?

Marisa Silvestri, Jennifer Brown and Jenny Fleming

10. Issues of Merit and Affirmative Action in Police Promotion Systems

Jacqueline Drew and Carol Archbold

11. Gender and Police Officer Attitudes toward Ethical Behaviour

Sanja Kutnjak Ivković, Michael Meyer and Maria (Maki) Haberfeld

12. Male/Female Differences in Behavioural Indicators of Police Integrity

Tim Prenzler, Tyler Cawthray and Louise Porter

13. Women, Policing, and Peacebuilding in Conflict-affected States

Loene Howes

14. Learning the Lessons: Developing a Model Program for Gender Inclusive Policing

Tim Prenzler and Jacqueline Drew