Gender Inclusive Policing: Challenges and Achievements is an edited collection focused on current challenges, innovations and positive achievements in gender integration in policing in different subject domains and locations. Comprised of essays by expert contributors from across the globe, the book covers a variety of topics including jurisdictional achievements (South Africa, British Isles, Scandinavian countries, Australia), women in leadership (achievements and methods, merit and affirmative action issues), performance comparisons (conduct, ethics, peacebuilding), intersectionality (Indigenous women) and women’s police stations (Argentina). The book explores and grapples with issues of recruitment, deployment and promotion; obstacles to equity; effective integration strategies; management, conduct and policing styles; race and ethnicity; and specialisation.

It is an essential resource providing practical exemplars for police managers involved in gender-equity programmes and for professionals involved in advanced-level research, teaching and consulting.

chapter 1|11 pages

In the Forefront of Female Policing?

Women in the Scandinavian Police Forces

chapter 4|11 pages

State-Rebuilding and Equity

Women in the South African Police Service

chapter 5|11 pages

Policing in Conflict

Women and the Afghan National Police

chapter 8|11 pages

Overcoming Barriers of Gender and Race in Policing

Australian and New Zealand Examples

chapter 9|10 pages

Women in Police Leadership

Making Rank as a Marker of Progress?

chapter 14|14 pages

Learning the Lessons

Developing a Model Programme for Gender-Inclusive Policing