This edited collection documents the challenges experienced by teacher educators, in-service teachers and student teachers in Hong Kong triggered by protests, civil unrest and the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and identifies innovative practices in curriculum, pedagogy and assessment that have enabled them to overcome the challenges in online teaching. It offers implications for teacher professional development through reflective practices and the enhancement of the scholarship of teaching and learning in the teacher education sector in Hong Kong and beyond.

Teaching and learning in various education sectors in Hong Kong experienced unprecedented challenges starting in late 2019. The suspension of face-to-face teaching resulted in the reliance on e-technology and online teaching and learning. Many teachers and students felt unprepared and thus experienced emotional distress. However, the challenges opened up opportunities for teacher educators to revamp their instructional and assessment practices to cater for students’ learning needs in the online environment. The chapters are split into five sections, covering the situation of teacher education in challenging times, stakeholders’ experiences and challenges in teaching and learning, curriculum and pedagogical innovations, assessment and feedback practices and finally scholarship of teaching and learning.

The book will be of particular interest to those who are committed to professional development through strengthening their reflective practice, online teaching and the scholarship of teaching and learning. It will also be an ideal text for education scholars and postgraduate students in curriculum planning, innovative online pedagogies and assessment practices in teacher education and the broader higher education context.

part Section 1|34 pages

Introduction: Teacher education in challenging times

part Section 2|60 pages

Experiences and challenges in teaching and learning

chapter 4|23 pages

Facing change in challenging times

The experiences of Hong Kong mathematics teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic

part Section 3|80 pages

Curriculum and pedagogical innovations

part Section 5|23 pages

Conclusion: Scholarship of teaching and learning for the future