This book discusses LGBTI+ childhood from a critical, interdisciplinary perspective with the aim of contributing to a better understanding of the complex relationship between sexuality, gender and childhood.

Placing adultcentrism at the centre of the analytical inquiry, the international range of contributors consider experiences and subjectivities of children, their families and significant contexts. Topics covered include public policies, professional practices and care provision, as well as the tensions and contradictions stemming from the logics of otherness and exceptionality which populate dominant discourses, representations and practices around sex and gender in childhood.

This book is intended for researchers and students in gender studies, sexuality studies, education, health, childhood studies, and sociology.

Introduction; Part 1:1 Discourses on trans children: adult-centric narratives and youth fluid identities; 2 The clinical gaze on gender and bodily diversity in childhood and adolescence: Critical perspectives; 3 Nomadic ethics versus adultism: Towards equitable healthcare futures; 4 Who wants to be queer at school? Discussing gender and sexual diversity with children and staff in Portuguese schools; Part 2:5 Drifting away from Biomedical Hegemonies: Representations, discourses, and practices of health professionals on sexuality and gender in childhood; 6 Telling different stories: Contemporary narratives available to young people making sense of their gendered and sexual lives in England and Sweden; 7 The rhetoric of child well-being in the Italian public debate on same-sex parenting and gender equality education; Part 3:8 Lost in translation: Translating social justice into social care practice for LGBTI+ children and young people; 9 A Cross-National review of policies and practices affecting LGBTQ+ youth in child welfare; 10 Genderphobic childhood constructions in Hungary; ;