Led by Donna Pendergast and Susanne Garvis, this new edition of Teaching Early Years provides a comprehensive overview of and introduction to educating children from birth to eight years.

Structured around the key priorities for early childhood education and care – curriculum, pedagogy and assessment – this book supports readers to develop and enhance their knowledge and understanding of the essential theory, scholarship and practical applications. This second edition has been thoroughly revised to reflect the significant innovation and development across the sector, ensuring that coverage of content, the latest research, references to curricula and professional standards are up to date and relevant to today’s pre- and in-service educators. The new edition covers:

  • Sustainability education
  • Health and nutrition
  • Innovative and age-appropriate pedagogies
  • Increased coverage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives
  • New understandings of the early years learner

Each chapter provide case studies, examples from practice, chapter summaries and reflection questions, encouraging the reader to engage more deeply with the key concepts and learning points.

Bringing together leading scholars and practitioners Teaching Early Years provides the specialist knowledge and preparation required for early years educators, in all learning environments, to deliver exceptional education and care to all children in the early years.

Part 1: The context of early years learning 1. Early Years in Australia 2. The Early Years Learner Part 2: Curriculum practices for the early years 3. Literacy 4. Numeracy 5. Science 6. The Arts 7. Digital Technologies 8. Nutrition and movement behaviours in education and care settings 9. Early Childhood Education for Sustainability Part 3: Pedagogical practices for the early years 10. Popular Pedagogical Approaches: age-appropriate pedagogical approaches in the early years 11. Transitions 12. Partnerships 13. Diversity and differentiation 14. Gifted and talented young children Part 4: Assessment practices for the early years 15. Assessment Part 5: Imperatives for the early years 16. Leadership in the early years 17. Evidence-based practice and doing action research 18. Communities of practice