Based on the auto-ethnographic work of a team of scholars who developed the first Black Digital Humanities program at a research institution, this book details how to centralize Black feminist praxes of care, ethics, and Black studies in the digital humanities (DH).

In this important and timely collection, the authors Catherine Knight Steele, Jessica H. Lu, and Kevin C. Winstead—of the first team of the African American Digital Humanities Initiative—center Black scholars, Black thought, and Black studies in creating digital research and programming. Providing insight into acquiring funding, building and maintaining community, developing curricula, and establishing a national network in the field, this book moves Black persons and Black thought from the margins to the center with a set of best practices and guiding questions for scholars, students, and practitioners developing programming, creating work agreements, building radically intentional pedagogy and establishing an ethical future for Black DH.

This is essential reading for researchers, students, scholars, and practitioners working in the fields of DH and Black studies, as well as graduate students, faculty, and administrators working in humanities disciplines who are interested in forming centers, courses, and/or research programs in Black digital studies.

chapter |12 pages


Intentionally Digital, Intentionally Black

chapter 1|26 pages

I Don't Love DH; I Love Black Folks

Building Black DH Programming

chapter 2|21 pages

Where Are All the Black Scholars in Black DH?

Creating Space for the Field of Black Digital Studies

chapter 3|22 pages

What Are We Going to Eat?

Care and Feeding as Radical Method and Praxis

chapter 4|21 pages

If You Teach It, They Will Come

Developing Pedagogy for Black DH