The Routledge International Handbook of Transdisciplinary Feminist Research and Methodological Praxis is organized around ways of doing fair and just research, with deliberate transdisciplinary overlap in each of the sections so as to share and demonstrate potential opportunities for lasting alliances.

Authors and artists address topics that include the doing of original transdisciplinary research and engaging multiple communities in research; mentoring from both academic and community-based perspectives; creating and maintaining collaborative relationships; managing personal, professional, and financial challenges; addressing writing blocks and feelings of being overwhelmed; and experiences of care and joy. The range of feminist work invoked in this volume include, but are not limited to: intersectional feminisms, abolitionist feminism, Black feminism, Womanism, Chicana feminism, Latina feminism, BIPOC feminisms, Indigenous feminism, decolonial and postcolonial feminism, transnational feminism, gender and sexuality studies, queer feminism, trans feminisms, poststructural feminism, posthuman and more-than-human feminism, materialist feminism, crip feminism, feminist disability studies, quantum feminism, sonic feminisms, feminist science studies, science and technology studies, or STS, and more.

From advanced graduate students to seasoned scholars, this volume presents timely knowledge and will be useful as a substantive guide to round out understandings of multiple approaches to feminist research.

part Section I|18 pages


chapter 21|3 pages


Transdisciplinary feminist research and methodological praxis

chapter 2|11 pages

Feminist Transdisciplinarity

Multiple configurations and relationalities

chapter 3|1 pages



chapter 4|1 pages


Micro-political rhythms of affective landscapes

part Section II|84 pages

Methodological mobilities

chapter 205|3 pages


Methodological mobilities

chapter 7|9 pages

Doing Transdisciplinary Feminist Research

Being in relation through seductive embodied writing: crafting rhythm, there-ness, and answerability

chapter 8|9 pages

Trans*Disciplinary Dartaphacts

Unboxing relationships and sexuality education with the visual arts

chapter 9|9 pages

A Transdisciplinary Feminist Life

The companion texts of a scholarly ensemble of life

chapter 10|11 pages

Feminist Diagrams and Transdisciplinarity

An interview with Sam McBean

chapter 11|10 pages

Resounding Feminisms

Critical tools for qualitative transdisciplinary research

chapter 13|2 pages


A poetics of sport feminism

part Section III|102 pages

Disciplinary disruptions

chapter 10414|3 pages


Disciplinary disruptions

chapter 16|11 pages

Wild Theory

From transdisciplinary concepts to undisciplined futures

chapter 18|14 pages

The Dinner Party

Feminist transdisciplinary research and critical cultural food studies

chapter 19|14 pages

“Flourishing Against the Normative”

Exploring the potential for feminist transdisciplinary research within sport studies

chapter 20|12 pages

Developing a “Queer” Perspective on Researcher Assessment in Academia

A social media approach to transdisciplinary knowledge exchange

chapter 22|2 pages

A Phematerialist Assemblage

What else can a paper title do?

part Section IV|140 pages

Mentoring and collaboration

chapter 20623|7 pages


Mentoring and collaboration

chapter 25|13 pages


Transdisciplinary encounters between PhD student and supervisor

chapter 26|11 pages

Stringing and Storying

A post-personal feminist meandering on finding your place-space in the academy

chapter 27|10 pages

Being Overwhelmed

chapter 28|14 pages

Not Mine, Not Yours, But Ours

Collaborative writing simultaneously together-apart

chapter 30|11 pages

The Overwhelm

Fragments, affect, and failure

chapter 31|12 pages

Caring Capaciously, Promiscuously

Transdisciplinary feminist mentoring in the academy

chapter 32|11 pages

Emergent Methodologies

Generative possibilities in community-based research

chapter 35|4 pages


Corona diaries (extract)

part Section V|117 pages

Creative interventions

chapter 34636|3 pages


Creative interventions

chapter 38|12 pages

The Border Arte We are “Writing”

Culturally and linguistically diverse literacy and discipline connections through translanguaging and transdisciplinary feminism

chapter 41|13 pages

There's a Unicorn on the Kitchen Table

A performative post-qualitative feminist inquiry

chapter 43|16 pages

The Story of Being Square (in/out of Academia)

A transdisciplinary feminist creative method

chapter 44|2 pages


Una buena hija