Group Analytic Therapists at Work is an accessible introduction to the experience of being in group analytic psychotherapy from a wide range of perspectives.

Written by members of the Group Analytic Network London, the chapters explore the history of group analysis and span key areas, including the political and the social, diversity and difference, gender and norms, and isolation and the social sphere. Group Analytic Therapists at Work contains discussion of themes such as group work with differing age ranges and life stages, cultural considerations, normativity, inclusion and exclusion, isolation and the internet. Each chapter provides insight from an experienced group analyst into what happens in groups, what group analysts think about while running their groups and, fundamentally, what group analysis is about.

This book will be of great interest to psychotherapists in practice and in training, group therapists and group analysts and other professionals, as well as anyone else seeking to increase their understanding of group work.

chapter |3 pages


What do we call what we do?

part 1|24 pages

Groups and group therapy

chapter Chapter 1|10 pages

Why groups are important and what they do

chapter Chapter 2|6 pages

History and development of group analysis

chapter Chapter 3|6 pages

The Group Analytic Network London

part 2|33 pages

The political and the social

chapter Chapter 4|12 pages

The political and the personal

chapter Chapter 5|9 pages

In the realm of the political

chapter Chapter 6|10 pages

The strange phenomenon of being a group analyst

part 4|40 pages

Gender and norms

chapter Chapter 11|9 pages

The matrix as container and crucible

chapter Chapter 12|11 pages

The father in the group

chapter Chapter 14|10 pages

Normative authority

part 5|35 pages

Isolation and the social sphere

chapter Chapter 15|10 pages

Internet and group analysis

chapter Chapter 16|6 pages

Psychic and social isolation

chapter Chapter 18|7 pages


Inclusion and exclusion