This book examines Israel's growing interaction with Asia's sub-regions and countries since the 1990s. It shows how these interactions have increased in recent years, both at government level and for companies, entrepreneurs, academic institutions, religious groups, tourists, and NGOs. Likewise, it discusses the evolving shared interests between Israel and Asian states and demonstrates how Asian countries adopted sophisticated policies that allowed them to get closer to Israel without compromising their traditional support of the pro-Palestinian position. It also explores how Israel differentiates between different regions, circles of importance, and countries in Asia rather than sees Asia as a monolithic whole. This groundbreaking book concludes by assessing the overall state of relations at present and likely future developments.


List of Maps

chapter 1|26 pages

A Passage to Asia

The Rise of Israel-Asia Relations since the 1990s and Their Current Nature

part I|75 pages

Israel's Asian Core Circle

chapter 2|21 pages

Relationship under a Glass Ceiling

A Framework for China-Israel Relations

chapter 3|17 pages

Chinese Investment in Israel under the Shadow of the United States

A Precarious Success?

chapter 4|17 pages

The India-Israel Connection

From Years of Rejection to Growing Partnership

part II|79 pages

Israel's Asian Secondary Circle

chapter 6|24 pages

Israel-Japan Relations

A Recent Promise that Has Yet to Materialize

chapter 7|17 pages

Israel and the Two Koreas

Between Sentiment and Pragmatism

chapter 9|20 pages

Israel and Singapore

An Old-New Affinity between Nations under Siege

part III|75 pages

Israel's Asian Peripheral Circle

chapter 10|16 pages

Central Asian Republics and Israel

Relations Remain Firm but on a Slow Burn

chapter 12|16 pages

Israel-Indonesia Relations

An Ongoing Saga of Unrecognition and Backroom Contacts

chapter 14|11 pages

Asia's Place in Twenty-First-Century Israel and Its Diplomatic Network

Conclusion and Implications

chapter |53 pages


chapter |14 pages