This book provides a comprehensive overview of caste in contemporary India. With contributions from scholars like Valerian Rodrigues, B. B. Mohanty, Surinder Jodhka, Anand Teltumbde, Professor Vivek Kumar etc., it discusses wide-ranging themes like the trajectory of caste in post-independence India; Dalits and cultural identity; the paradox of being a Dalit woman; caste violence and social mobility; Ambedkar’s quest for the right of social equality; social security for inclusive development of Dalits; discrimination and exclusion of Dalits in education; and Dalit merit and institutional injustice, and presents an overview of the struggles for distributive justice in India.


This volume will be of importance to scholars and researchers of Dalit studies, social justice, exclusion studies, caste studies, affirmative action, political studies, sociology, social anthropology, and South Asian politics.

Introduction - Paul D’Souza and N. Sukumar. Part I: The Trajectory of Caste in Post Independent India. 1. A Critique of Right Based Policies on Justice - Ambrose Pinto 2. Dalits and Cultural Identity: Ambedkar's Prevarications on the Question of Culture- Valerian Rodrigues 3. Ambedkar’s Quest for Social and Economic Democracy- Pradyumna Bag Part II: Dalit Culture and Identity 4. Dalit Culture: A Perspective from Below- Raj Kumar 5. Human Rights and the Subordinated People - A Cross Cultural Study of Dalit and Black Life World- Selvaraj Arulnathan 6. The Right to Selfhood: The Paradox of Being a Dalit Woman- Subhadra Mitra Channa Part III: Caste Violence: Movements for Social Mobility 7. From Social Reform to Political Mobilisa­tion: Changing Trajectory of Dalit Asser­tion in Uttar Pradesh- Vivek Kumar 8. Dandora: The Madiga Movement for Equal Identity and Social Justice in A.P.- P. Muthaiah 9. Impact of Conversion on Dalit Identity- Suguna Ramanathan 10. Post-Ambedkar Scheduled Cates’ Agitations and Social Exclusion in Andhra Pradesh- K.S. Chalam 11. Caste Conflict and Dalit Identity in Rural Punjab: Significance of Talhan- Prakash Louis and Surinder Jodhka Part IV: Paradoxes of Exclusion: Land, Inequalities and Development 12. Globalisation: Assessing Impact on the Dalits in India-Anand Teltumbde  13. Panchayati Raj Institutions and Social Inclusion of Dalits- Karunakar Singh 14. Discrimination and Exclusion in Education: A Perspective from Below- Paul D’Souza and Teena Anil 15. Dalit Merit and Institutional Injustice: A Case Study- N. Sukumar and Shailaja Menon. Index