Comprising 11 countries and hundreds of languages from one of the most culturally diverse regions in the world, the chapters in this collection explore a wide range of translation issues.

The subject of this volume is set in the contrasted landscapes of mainland peninsulas and maritime archipelagos in Southeast Asia, which, whilst remaining a largely minor area in Asian studies, harbors a wealth of textual heritage that opens to inquiries and new readings. From the post-Angkor Cambodia, the post-colonial Viantiane, to the ultra-modern Singapore metropolis, translation figures problematically in the modernization of indigenous literatures, criss-crossing chronologically and spatially through different literary landscapes. The peninsular geo-body gives rise to the politics of singularity as seen in the case of the predominant monolingual culture in Thailand, whereas the archipelagic geography such as the thousand islands of Indonesia allows for peculiar types of communication. Translation can also be metaphorized poetically to configure the transference in different scenarios such as the cases of self-translation in Philippine protest poetry and untranslatability in Vietnamese diasporic writings. The collection also includes intra-regional comparative views on historical and religious terms.

This book will appeal to scholars and postgraduate students of translation studies, sociolinguistics, and Southeast Asian studies.

chapter 1|26 pages

Traversing the Peninsulas and Archipelagos

Translationscapes in Antipodean Southeast Asia

part I|51 pages

Mapping Uncharted Terrains

chapter 3|23 pages

Epiphytic Literatures

A Botanical Metaphor for Indic-Vernacular Bitexts in Southeast Asia

part II|63 pages

Singularity, Untranslatability, Creolization

chapter 4|22 pages

One Thai

The Politics of Singularity in the Thai Landscape of Translation

chapter 5|19 pages

Translating Aporia(s)

The Figure of (Un)translatability in Kim Thúy's Vietnamese-Canadian Refugee Novel Mãn

chapter 6|20 pages

Sinophone Thainess

The Problematic Landscape of Creolization in the Thai-Chinese Translation Zone

part III|40 pages

Precarious Urban and Gentrified Translationscapes

chapter 7|20 pages

An Urban Pastoral in Laos

Translating George Sand in (Post)colonial Vientiane

chapter 8|18 pages

Grime to Shine

The Gentrification of Singapore's Vernacular Literature in Translation 1

part IV|54 pages

The Archipelagic Enterprise

chapter 9|24 pages

Self-Translation as Archipelagic Thinking

Four Metaphors of Bilingual Philippine Protest Poetry

chapter 10|28 pages

Song, Text, Ball of Clay

Participatory Translation in the Agrarian Heartland of Java