This book examines diverse ways of questioning, critiquing, and communicating site in the creative process of architecture, interior design, urban planning, and historical and cultural studies. The authors use the term site to connote a series of complex, established, or pre-existing conditions – a setting, an atmosphere, an area – to read, to interpret, to relate to, and to engage with, to redefine, or to create in relation to a design prompt. By acknowledging, accommodating, and empowering the physical, intellectual, and cultural characteristics of a site, students question its history, boundaries, posture, and situational aspects. Such inquiries promote a deeper appreciation of a site and thus help students to acknowledge its capacity to influence design throughout the iterative creative process.

Understanding Site in Design Pedagogy adds to the body of literature on design studio pedagogy by presenting a collection of essays that challenge normative assumptions about what defines a site and its distinctive qualities. It poses a series of pedagogical questions for how sites might be diversely interpreted and introduced to design students. This study offers chapters that speak to site, memory, and lived experience; multi-scalar thinking about site; connecting to site through sensory phenomenon in interior design; alternate ways of engaging site for learning sustainable principles; and introducing unorthodox forms of site as the impetus to creative endeavours. It offers innovative approaches to scholarship of teaching and learning with respect to diverse readings of site within design education.

chapter |9 pages


chapter 1|19 pages

Mutable Atmospheres

A Lens In to Look Out

chapter 2|22 pages

Going to Places and Staying at Home

Reflections on Critical Cartography and Desktop Documentation in Online Education

chapter 3|28 pages

Sites of Alternate Origin

Design Ideation Under a New Austerity

chapter 4|23 pages

Sensorial Strategies

A Phenomenological Approach Connecting Site to Interior Design

chapter 5|17 pages

Touring Spaceship Earth

chapter |3 pages