Demonstrating a relational, dialogic way of thinking and writing, this book offers an innovative perspective on the human potential for intersubjective engagement and on the nature of true encounter.

The authors engage in creative, associative dialogues and trialogues inspired by psychoanalysis and Buddhism, poetry and religion, theory and case studies, academic and free styles of writing – each enriching the other. Reflecting on the essence of relating, they convey a flow between inner, private reveries and shared ones, and between individual expressions of thought and evolvements of newly born thirds. Through this interdisciplinary, experimental setting, the authors explore the possibility to reach truths and meanings that each individual would not have achieved on their own.

Offering new concepts and formulations that may nourish psychotherapists’ thought and be usefully implemented in their practice, this book presents a pressingly unique and essential viewpoint for psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic psychotherapists in training and in practice.

Foreword  1. First Dialogue: Creation and the True Other  i. The Birth of a True Other  ii. Meeting the Ultimate Other  iii. In the Beginning There Was an Other  2. I Call Out to You: An Associative Trialogue  3. Second Dialogue: Becoming, Spaciousness, and Vitality  i. Going on Being: On the Fear of Ceasing and the Need to Go On  ii. Making Space for the Mess: The At-one-ment of Going On  iii. The Echo Chamber Is Not Empty: On Limitation and Vastness, Spaciousness and Nourishment  4. Is Truth a Testimonial Process? The Need for a Testimonial Other for the Reestablishment of Truth and for Healing of Trauma: An Associative Trialogue  i. Thinking Further: Trauma and Witnessing in the Context of the Verbal and Non-verbal Messages of Society, and the Relational Nature of the World  5. Third Dialogue: The Haiku Interpretation and the Chain of Caesuras  i. In the Blink of an Eye: The Minimalist Interpretation  ii. And You Said Mmhmm  iii. In a Few Words  6. On "No Experience" With All My Heart and Soul: An Associative Trialogue  Epilogue: The Clouds of Knowing