Decoupling of business models and ecosystems is the disconnection of certain characteristic activities originally planned and completed in coincidence. It could bring in an immense adverse shock in the functioning of established business models and ecosystems possibly bringing them to resilience. Core causes for decoupling and resilience of business models and ecosystems are jolts, known as global crisis, universal pandemics, etc. The undesirable outcomes of critical events can reveal unique circumstances for business model and ecosystem resilience. Business model and ecosystem resilience represents a mandatory prerequisite for firms challenging their functioning and even very existence. Research has been conducted thus far, nevertheless this theme requires significantly more consideration.

The key objective of this book is to bring further insights in the field delivering a thorough examination of the ways in which business models and ecosystems can develop resilience under extraordinary conditions. In the book, the resilience of business models and ecosystems is analysed aiming to investigate further the specifics of the relevant processes securing resilience and its outcomes. The resilience of business models and ecosystems is scrutinised as a credible way for enhancing the predispositions of firm’s survivability.

1 Decoupling and Resilience of Business Models and Ecosystems   2 What Is Ahead? Impact of The Current Economic Volatility on Business Models and Ecosystems   3 Overcoming Barriers in Creating Ecosystem Business Models: Achieving Resilience in an Uncertain and Competitive Setting   4 Offshoring vs Further Offshoring: A Multi-level Analysis on the Firm-, Country- and Industry-Specific Drivers of Business Model Reconfiguration   5 Reconfiguring Digital Business Models to Enter the Japanese Market   6 Data-driven Business Model Innovation – When is Decoupling Necessary?   7 Value-creating and Value-eroding Decoupling in B2B Platforms – A Multiple Case Study   8 Critical Junctures and Their Role in Reconfiguration of Business Models and Ecosystems   9 Tensions of Coopetition and Integration into the Multiplatform Ecosystems in Digital Care   10 Customer Orientation: The Case of Creating Value in Ecosystems   11 How Global Virtual Teams Are Innovating the Business Models of MNEs and Higher Education Institutions   13 IT Entrepreneur Resilience in Geopolitical Turbulence   14 Old-school Gender Values in a New Labour Model: A Case Study of Women’s Entrepreneurship in Israel   15 The Emergence of Open Banking and its Implications   16 Trans-fur-able Resources? Strategic Responses to a Crisis in the Danish Mink Related Ecosystem