This book explores Turkish military innovation since the Cold War. The major questions addressed are how Türkiye has been able to innovate, the production of new weapon systems, its philosophical background, how the country overcame bureaucratic and economic obstacles, and how these innovations resonated in military doctrine and organization.

Focusing on two main defense industry projects that trigger an overall change in the military doctrine and organization, the text examines the innovative inclinations of the Turkish military realm and reveals the societal, economic and political consequences of military innovation. This book fills a gap in the literature by providing an interdisciplinary and comprehensive overview of Turkish military innovation. Contributors include those involved in and affected by the military innovation process, as well as scholars who monitor the process using primary sources.

Military Innovation in Türkiye will appeal to academics, politicians and military professionals interested in understanding the evolution of the Turkish military.

Introduction: Turkish Versus Western Military Innovation  1. Turks’ Pragmatic Solutions: The Philosophy Behind Defense Technology  2. The Turkish Defense Industry in the Post-Cold War Era: Bound to Emerge  3. Breaking Down Bureaucratic Politics in the Turkish Aerial Defense Industry: From Hürkuş to Bayraktar  4. The Flagship of the Turkish Defense Industry: The Route to MİLGEM  5. From Systemic Emulation to Military Innovation: Turkish Drones and International Politics  6. Military Innovation in the Context of Irregular Warfare: The British, American and Turkish Militaries  7. The Transformation of the Turkish Armed Forces: Lessons Learned in Counterterrorism Operations  8. Military Innovation and Turkish Society: Towards a Post-Heroic Warfare?  9. Quick-impact Approach in Information Warfare: Turkish Experience  Conclusion: The Manifest and Latent Sources of Turkish Military Innovation