This book studies the internal framework of the Indo-Pacific region and examines the strategic issues faced by the countries that belong to it. Over the years, the Indo-Pacific region has become a prime driver of global economic growth and has generated considerable interest from countries both within and without. The region is now witnessing an intensified great power competition for greater geostrategic space, thus shaping the 21st-century world order. The volume focuses on the emerging strategies of the main actors involved in this competition. It discusses various key issues such as the purpose of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue and its post-pandemic agenda, the conceptualisation of a Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP) amid an intensifying Sino-US great power competition, the strategies of ASEAN and South Korea, China’s activities in the Indo-Pacific, economic architecture and supply chain disruption in the region, as well as the geopolitical strategy of the European Union for the Indo-Pacific.

A crucial study of the Indo-Pacific region in the post-COVID-19 world, the book gives fresh insights into the areas of convergence and divergence in the strategic visions of the many regional actors. It will be of great interest to policymakers as well as students and academics in the fields of political science, international relations, foreign policy, geopolitics, security studies, strategic studies, as well as area studies, namely East and Southeast Asian studies, European Union studies, American studies and Australian studies.




 Part 1: Advancing an Effective Security Framework

1.       Strategising Institutional Arrangement in Japan's FOIP: Quad, ASEAN, and Tactical Hedging

Kei Koga


2.       The Indo-Pacific Power: The United States, the Quad, and the Making of a Megaregion            

Peter Harris


3.       Australia and the Free and Open Indo-Pacific: A Strategy for the Defence of a ‘Rules-Based Order’

Lavina Lee


4.       India, the Indo-Pacific and the Quad

G.V.C Naidu


5.       Quad’s Roadmap: Anchoring Strategic Solutions in Post-Pandemic World

Titli Basu


Part 2: Convergences and Divergences on China

6.       China and the US Indo-Pacific Strategy: From Donald Trump to Joe Biden

Weixing Hu


7.       US-China Rivalry in the Indo-Pacific: The Harding Way or the Harder Way

Zhiqun Zhu


8.       An Indian Perspective of China’s Activities in the Indo-Pacific

Gautam Bambawale


Part 3: Unravelling the Regional Strategies

9.       ASEAN Centrality: Challenges and Opportunities

Dewi Fortuna Anwar


10.    Republic of Korea’s Indo-Pacific Approach: Reluctance and Prospect

Sandip Mishra


11.    Geopolitical Aspects of the EU Approach to Indo-Pacific

Juan Luis Lopez Aranguren


12.    Free and Open Indo-Pacific: Converging Trends in European Union Strategy to Japan’s Vision

Carmen Tirado Robles


Part 4: The Quest for Economic Framework


13.    The Search for Opportunities: The Blue Dot Network and the Resilient Supply Chain Initiative

Anil Wadhwa


14.    Economic Architecture in the Indo-Pacific Region: India's Tryst

Srabani Roy Choudhury