The relationship between health and law in not new but the relation is multifaceted. Law and health are both subjects with an inherent dynamism. Health and law as a curricular subject of law is a recent addition and is taught in law colleges under many universities.
This edited book tries to focus on the intersection between law and health. It is divided into five extensive sections: Concept of Health; Medical Profession, Patient and the Law; Organization of Public Health Care and Medical Jurisprudence; Insurance and Victim Compensation; and Health Legislative Perspective. The book will be helpful to prepare a foundation for understanding and analysis of advanced knowledge in the field of health and its relationship with law.
This book will also be helpful for the teachers, students, researchers, lawyers, judges, law firms, medical professionals, academics, libraries, law universities and anyone interested in the subject.

part 2|28 pages

Medical Profession, Patient and The Law

part 5|150 pages

Health Legislative Perspective

chapter |19 pages

Surrogacy in India

chapter |9 pages

Abortion and Indian Law