This book brings together the narratives of diverse ministers from the Global South in order to show that queer theologies are impacting many parts of the world and queer lives are molding and enriching Christian ministry. Across Asia, Africa, and Latin America, we are witnessing the emergence of queer faith-based communities in very different contexts and with very different histories. The perspectives included in the book form a tapestry that honors diversity among the Global South’s queer communities and ministries. They demonstrate the various ways in which queer ministry challenges and changes theological understanding as well as religious practice. Each chapter highlights issues pertaining to liturgy, sacraments, pastoral rites, and the personal faith journey that each minister underwent to foster pastoral queer theologies. Contributors focus on their understanding of the relationship between faith and sexuality, how rituals relate to the daily lives of queer believers, and the struggles they face within the political structures of religious institutions. The narratives highlight some of the challenges and mechanisms deployed to cope with ingrained LGBTIQ+ phobia. They also evidence how communities enact interreligious and multi-religious dialog and rituals while honoring faith and activism, and how prophetic ministries counter oppressive discourses and colonial performativities. This is a valuable resource for academics and religious leaders interested in the study of queer theologies, Asian, African, and Latin American Christianity, as well as ecclesiastical and liturgical issues.

chapter |11 pages


Queerly Straddling the Global South Connecting the Myriad Pastoral Experiences of Queer Ministers

part III|9 pages


chapter 11|7 pages

I Sat on Pavements

chapter 16|2 pages


We Are a People Marching Toward Liberation